Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Fat Man Has Sung

Whatever playoff hopes we so mistakenly entertained are now squashed like my wife on our wedding night. As I sit here watching the Cheatriots lose to the Whiners with the help of one Brandon Lloyd, and we hear of other former rams making plays for their new teams, I can only dream of what our team would be like if we had some playmakers of our own. Although today's game was lost on both sides of the ball, the way this year has shaped up is a definite result of the tremendous lack of proven talent at the WR position. We see the Whiners winning because they stuck with Alex Smith and they stuck with Michael Crabtree and they have developed their players to keep them, not let that development help someone else just when these guys are ready to roll. I truly hope that we do not let any of our young guys escape after this year, and that we add at least one accomplished veteran to lead them.

As for the kicking game...

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Martz pointed out that the Rams are the worst in the NFL on 3rd and short. Unbelievable that with SJ39 and D-Rich slammin' holes we are so stinkin' bad.

We cannot win the division unless that issue is resolved. Doesn't mean we will win if it is resolved, but definitely can't without it.

We need more concentration out of timeouts and quarter changes too, our execution has been horrible in those situations too.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Its a Dead Horse

And I'm beatin the hell out of it! Last week I discussed the horrible officiating and now once again the regular, "good" officials have stunk up the joint so badly that my hatred of Roger Goddell is quickly waning.

What in the world happened Sunday? There are seven, SEVEN highly paid line judges who straight blew the time clock in the first half and it directly impacted how that half ended, whether giving the 49ers a better chance to try for the TD or giving the Rams a better chance to score before going into the locker room. Then the worst of it all, with 30 seconds left and the Rams going to kill the clock the officials respotted the ball with the clock still running, costing them about 10 seconds that would have been huge to have at the very end.

I know, I know, we shot ourselves in the foot with 13 penalties and Bradford should have thrown the ball away on that last sack which would also have saved us precious time but still, those clock issues, calls and non-calls were brutal. For a group of zebras who just two months ago had the sympathy of an entire nation they sure are crapping on our affections.

I'm almost with Goddell - if this is the way it's gonna be then by all means fire these idiots and go with the much cheaper replacements and make them the standard so we at least expect to be screwed every game. This is a travesty and needs to stop. I'm the farthest thing from a 49ers fans but I'm also a fan of fairness and equality and if this tie comes back to haunt either of us when it comes to a playoff spot or seeding then it will truly be awful.

Next week we play the Jets and I expect us to get the short end once again, for the NFL wants them to win so badly that any chance the refs get to make that happen will not go unfulfilled. We need to play much smarter, continuing to give SJ39 the ball and riding his back instead of allowing the officials to matter. With a full team we should destroy the stupid Jets, moving one step closer to competing for a playoff spot in this horrible unsettled NFC.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Officially Bogus

It seems like forever ago when we were clamoring for the replacement officials to be replaced with the regular officials who know what they're doing, and how glad we were when it finally happened. To which I now ask...What happened? These guys were horrible on Sunday and although in reality it must be harder on them since they had no preseason, still - you would think that all that time off would have taken any Patriots bias and gotten rid of it. From the calls that we got and the ones the Patriots got away with it is obvious this did not happen.

It has been said that the officials could call holding on every play, and while that is not expected at least they could call it when it is blatantly obvious - on both teams I mean, not just ours. Chris Long was getting held all day long, not to mention THREE roughing the QB penalties we should have gotten on Bradford. Since when is it legal for the defender to drive the QB into the ground? Oh yeah that's right - when its the Cheatriots. Sure Fletcher tried to cheat too and got called on it three times in a row, yet when the Belicheats could have gotten offensive pi called in the end zone it went unpunished. Time after time in this game it was obvious that even tho the officials had been locked out, the Patriot bias remained alive and well in all of them.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


So be it, if this is how we are gonna be treated by our team then I hereby declare them the SONAR - Same Old New Ass Rams!  Week after week they seem to implode then explode then implode then explode, never settling on any one way of winning or losing thereby causing severe distress to our easily rattled nerves.

How they could lose to a Dolphins team that has a QB who used to be a WR in college is just ridiculous, and hopefully all the issues Janoris had covering their wideouts will help bring him back to earth and make the rook remember that he is, well, a rook. Getting caught not looking but staring into the backfield as your assignment runs past you for an easy score should shame him into wanting to get better this week.  HOWEVER, 3-3 is an awesome way to be after 6 weeks, and if we finish 8-8 it'll be tough to accept but ultimately will be ok considering where we ended last year.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Above .500 At Last

Used to be that we had to wait for the morning paper to read the standings, but in this age of instant  aka "real time" updates when I saw that our beloved Rams were 3-2 I almost thought I needed to get my eyes checked - something just wasn't right! Even though I watched the entire game and I knew the outcome and I knew we were now 3-2 I had to pinch myself, for seeing 3-2 was almost dreamlike. But alas, for the first time in years this won/loss record was over .500 and it was correct. No dyslexia, no alcohol induced psychosis, no glasses needed!

Amazing how much an experienced coach can change the climate and attitude of a perennial loser. Our defense is flat out awesome, and if Bradford could actually hit the ocean with a beach ball then we would be unbeatable. Unfortunately he is looking more and more like Jake Plummer. Some of the decisions he makes are just head scratching - who woulda thought when the season started that #8 would be the weak spot we are talking about in week 6. Hopefully he can survive without his widdle security bwanket Amendola this time around, because we are in prime position to compete for the division and have to get better from here.

Sunday, September 23, 2012


We got absolutely creamed today by a defense that should have been easy to handle. I know that we are a long way from being the Packers but after they manhandled the Bears last week I expected us to beat this team too. The Bears' locker room troubles and on-the-field dissention should have enabled us to come out and totally dismantle what was left of them, but alas we have the SOSAR rearing its ugly head a week after I declared it dead. A horrible game for Kendricks and Harvey Dahl, and more missed INT's and stupid penalties cost us what should have been a last minute win in a hard fought defensive battle. Last minute went away in a hurry.

From 10-6 to getting the tarter sauce beat out of us in what seemed like a 5 second span made me actually forget about the once again horrible officiating. The only redeeming thing about this loss is that the Whiners also lost, so we should have plenty of time to right the ship and battle for the division crown.  NO WAY Arizona keeps it up, so on to next week and the Hags at the EJ Dome and what should be a much better game, for can it possibly get any worse with this year's team?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Goodell is a Tool

When interviewed by Trey Wingo for ESPN's NFL Live, the Commissioner, I mean Judge, Jury, and Executioner of the NFL was asked about the performance of the scab officials and stated the following: "I think they did a very credible job, the fans were focused on football and that's what we want." ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This guy is such a tool for the team owners its pathetic! The Zebras affected the outcome of games, and that is very credible? The NFL has admitted to Coach Fisher and other teams that the officials flat out screwed up, and that is a very credible job? Every time I see this guy it makes me want to punch my dog. Not only do his scabs need to go but so does he.

SOSAR? I Think Not

I keep seeing it all over message boards, and even more so from our own fans than from others - "Same ol' sorry ass Rams!" Well I don't know what game they were watching but from what I saw, that stereotype should be gone, and hopefully gone forever.

Outside of two terrible missed INT's, this team in no way resembles SOSAR.  How refreshing it was to see one of our DB's actually make a pick, and then for Finny to actually make his into a pick-6 well, that right there made me pinch myself.  And the third pick, once again from another new Ram, definitely proves that the days of SOSAR are behind us.

Over-reaction? We wont know until the next game is played but I will be extremely surprised if we revert. It really burned me up though to see our old slippery handed DB's blow their two shots at a pick, one of which may have eventually sealed the victory for us. HOWEVER, that being said, the replacement officials are absolutely to blame for us losing this game because the obvious missed/wrong calls that either killed our drives or should have killed the Lions' drives truly made the difference.  Since when is it ok to lead with the helmet, or go below the knees to late hit our QB?  And how many times did we see the zebras allow the crowd or the Lions' sideline to influence throwin' a flag? I counted 4, one of which was almost immediately into the game.  And this was not the only game for this to happen.  The Packers/Whiners game had the same things happen. Blowing calls is one thing but blowing it when it matters is another, and how the richest sports entity in the world can allow for this to continue just baffles me.

Perhaps the NFL world should to be chanting "SOSAR" - Bring back those Same ol' sorry ass Refs!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Official-ly A Disaster

Commissioner Goddell has said that for at least week one there will be replacement officials in all games. Have you seen the "high"lights of their mistakes? Unbelievable that the BIGGEST sports agency in the WORLD cannot pony up the money to pay the real officials the money they deserve.  They need to quit fooling around and hire Ed Hoculi and company full-time and get them back on the field immediately.  I just know that the Rams are gonna get burned by a bad call, I can just feel it.  Please Roger Goddell - end this debacle now!

Thursday, April 19, 2012



OK now that I got that out of the way, lets move on to stuff that matters.  When the Rams draft Blackmon it will be a great upgrade to a horrible wr corps.

Even though we have a Thursday night game on the upcoming schedule, it is totally bogus that we have no MNF.  The rest of our division has at least one MNF game each, so why not us?  The NFL's love affair with the BEARS and BRONCOS is ridiculous - couldn't one of those primetime slots have went to a Rams/Niners game at least?  No respect for the only team in our division to have won a SB in the last 16 years.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


WR not addressed thru FA is absolutely crazy. Straight pisses me off that Lloyd went to the Cheatriots, not because he was anything special but that its them. I hope he lays down on all his catches for them too.

Now at WR we have to select Blackmon, or make a trade for one that is going to make a difference. No more second string slugs as starters please!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I think that all the talk about trading Bradford and selecting RG3 at #2 instead of trading #2 and still selecting Blackmon is all a bunch of garbage. Sam is way better than RG3 will ever be, and although he may be less of an athlete, he is a far better passer with the ability to lead a pro team to a Super Bowl victory.

When I think of RG3 I think Todd Marinovich, I think Vince Young, I think a whole bunch of talent wasted on rich-before-they-take-a-snap selfishness. 

I Tebow, er I mean pray that the Rams do not do this horrible thing. We need RG3 like a virgin needs an STD test. We need RG3 like we need 4 more years of NoBama. We need RG3 like I need more testoserone!

We NEED Bradford, period.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


I was gonna write about how stupid it is for people to be slaying Rob Gronkowski for partying like its 1999 after losing the big game, and I was gonna mention how even Michael Jordan would go to Las Vegas and live it up after losing, but I just can't get past how much his name reminds me of Crocodile Dundee: "That's not a Gronk...THIS is a Gronk!"

Slay him all you want - I'd take him over any of our TE's any day. Or WR's. Or cheerleaders, what with those dance moves. Guy may have had a few but we all grieve in our own way and it was reportedly a Patriots party so I say cut the guy a break and we should seriously think about trading our #2 for him and their other 2 - 1st round picks.

Rodney Harrison trashing Gronk for dancing with his shirt off? Harrison can SUCK IT!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Two Loves, One Life

It would appear that the Rams are now headed in the right direction with the hiring of Super Bowl LOSING coach Jeff Fisher, but I disagree. His coaching record, while definitely more favorable than Coach Spags, still leaves much to be desired. Sure he may have been the best to chose from, but was he really? The ex-Raiders HC Hue Jackson (not to be confused with Hugh Jackman) took a sorry azz Raiders team and got them to 8-8 while Fisher took a very talented Titans team and ran it into the ground, besides ruining Vince Young's career before it could even get started.

I truly hope that hiring Coach Fisher will get us back to the glory days and out of the glory hole days, but it is going to be a long arduous process that is make or break for me. Many Sundays have been wasted on the love of my life and I cannot take anymore terrible football from it. The other love of my life, the alive one, is getting tired of it too. Another failed attempt at winning Rams football could very well give me the impetus to break away from it once and for all. Which love of my life will win? Here's to both of them being here when the dust finally settles!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

And Then There Were None...

No games, no GM, and no Head Coach. No penalties, no dropped passes, no stupid play calls, no half-filled dome with the other half filled with opponent's fanbases. All these things that defined our lousy season have now come to an end, and none to soon. I strongly hope that the next GM and HC make waaaay better decisions than the last set did, and that one of those decisions involves Justin Blackmon. A bigger better T.O. without the 'tude is a no brainer in my book.

IF I watch any games next year it will be great to see him gel with Bradford, opening up the box for Steven Jackson to tear defenses apart once again. And all this talk of trading Bradford, well, I want none of that either!