Tuesday, September 30, 2008

That Was a Close One

Well, for about 3/4 of the game. Unfortunately for Trent Green lovers, he reverted to Brock Berlin form and threw a devestating pick that ended any confidence and momentum the Rams had. Also unfortunately for Mrs. Linecrap, her tears after the last two games meant nothing to the people who matter and her husband can now join her in the mornings crying over what should have been done last year. Oh well. Life's a bitch, and then you die. I'll leave the other part of that equation out.

Fortunately for Rams Nation, all is not lost now that Haslett has taken over and has said he will try to turn this thing around. What the hell else was he gonna say? Jeez. Let's just hope that he turns it around 180 degrees and not 360. For a man who said on Monday that he just found out at 2:00 am yesterday: Hey Haslett - 2:00 AM the day you find out is today, not yesterday. Guess he's so in tune with things around Rams Park that he can't even remember what day it is. But at least he remembers who the REAL starting QB should be. Oh wait - that guy is in Arizona. So Bulger gets his job back now by default and we will rally around Marc Bulger and we will...win?

Monday, September 15, 2008

Another BS Sighting

Actually, there haven't been any Brock "I Couldn't Carry Warner's Jock" Berlin sightings this regular season, and hopefuly there won't be, what with him being the 3rd string QB after barely making the roster. So what, pray tell, would the other BS sighting I refer to be? Could I be referring to the Rams' offensive juggernaut, er, I mean jugger-NOT? Or perhaps the Rams' defensive prowess, er, I mean prow-LESS? What about the lack of seats that had seats in them for the home opener, so empty that a much needed move back to LA should be right around the corner? Or how about the fact that a record number of Rams "fans" are selling out their own team in football pools? Kinda makes you wonder who they're really rooting for on gameday, doesn't it? But alas, with all this stuff to write about, I must step outside the box and for the first time address in this forum one of my reader's well thought out comments. Comments that are, yup, you guessed it, this week's BS sighting.

In case you missed it, I told it like it is a few weeks ago regarding Berlin wearing the number 13. You know, how his crappy career and useless spot on the Rams roster should be more than enough to prevent him from wearing Kurt's number 13. So instead of providing any kind of constructive input, like say, I don't know, an answer to my question of why Berlin chose #13 when his number of choice is the available #7 (see stats in previous blog), this clown decides to attack me personally. So in response to this girl's lack of Midol in a time of need, here it is here:

1) I did NOT say that Kurt Warner is the greatest QB in Ram's history. What I said so clearly and understandably that even Helen Keller would've understood it was that he is the greatest QB in ST LOUIS Rams history. I specifically made it a point to put that in there because I knew that if I didn't some SJD who wishes he was Berlin's love slave would see this as an opportunity to jump all over me for leaving out the pre-STL Rams' greats. So much for that!

2) I did not say that Bulger is my $65 million wonderboy. In words so plain that even Ray Charles would've been able to read them, I specifically wrote of how pissed off I was that Bulger played worse than the Raider's #1 pick, ShaMarcus Russell. And that was it on Bulger. So forget trying to find the answer to why Berlin chose #13 this year for the first time in his delustrous career, how about the answer to how being pissed off that Bulger played worse than DuhMarcus Russell makes him my wonderboy. I know, I know.

3) And finally, since I'd rather spend more time watching "The View" than waste on this, well, waste, I don't live in St. Louis, have never lived in St. Louis, and will never live in St. Louis. Hence the wiseless cracks of "so keep drinking your Busch beer" and then some lame thing about cheetos mean nothing to me. So now in the words of the great Forrest Gump, "That's all I've got ta say 'bout that."

So please, feel free to post any comments you wish, but also please make sure that they make sense. And I thank you for your support.

Monday, September 8, 2008

What's All This Fuss About?

All the negative talk in Rams Nation is really perplexing. Last year we went what, 3-13? So in order to improve on that we only need to go 4-12. It's the same principal stores and car stealerships use when they say they are the cheapest around, or have the best deals. Legally speaking, they only need to beat the competition by $.01 to make that claim. So for the Rams to have an improved season, they only need 4 wins.

To get to 4 wins doesn't require that they win the first game. Or the second, or the third. As long as they average 1 victory per month, that's 4-12. Ok, so it's not much of an improvement and we would all love to get to the Super Bowl. THAT ISN'T GOING TO HAPPEN!

Why not allow yourself to be content with even the littlest bit of improvement? We all learned last year, thanks to the New England Cheatriots, that even an 18-0 season is a failure if you don't win the big one. In the grand scheme of things, whether the Rams go 4-12 or 17-1, it's all failure. So take some Valium and drink it down with Jose. Do whatever it takes to calm down and appreciate that Steven Jackson got his f'n helmet knocked off on an illegal, unflagged helmet-to-helmet hit and then bounced right back up like it was a mosquito bite. Chris Long had two nice tackles and a few pressures on McNabb, and Alex Barron had only one of the frickin 6 false starts. We know the other 5 will work themselves out, so if we only get his one per game that will be fine with me.

0-1 isn't so bad. There are 15 more games and the Hags, Cards, and Whiners all suck way more than we do. Don't give up hope, for 4-12 may just win the division. Now that's two improvements I'd take any day!