Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Two Loves, One Life

It would appear that the Rams are now headed in the right direction with the hiring of Super Bowl LOSING coach Jeff Fisher, but I disagree. His coaching record, while definitely more favorable than Coach Spags, still leaves much to be desired. Sure he may have been the best to chose from, but was he really? The ex-Raiders HC Hue Jackson (not to be confused with Hugh Jackman) took a sorry azz Raiders team and got them to 8-8 while Fisher took a very talented Titans team and ran it into the ground, besides ruining Vince Young's career before it could even get started.

I truly hope that hiring Coach Fisher will get us back to the glory days and out of the glory hole days, but it is going to be a long arduous process that is make or break for me. Many Sundays have been wasted on the love of my life and I cannot take anymore terrible football from it. The other love of my life, the alive one, is getting tired of it too. Another failed attempt at winning Rams football could very well give me the impetus to break away from it once and for all. Which love of my life will win? Here's to both of them being here when the dust finally settles!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

And Then There Were None...

No games, no GM, and no Head Coach. No penalties, no dropped passes, no stupid play calls, no half-filled dome with the other half filled with opponent's fanbases. All these things that defined our lousy season have now come to an end, and none to soon. I strongly hope that the next GM and HC make waaaay better decisions than the last set did, and that one of those decisions involves Justin Blackmon. A bigger better T.O. without the 'tude is a no brainer in my book.

IF I watch any games next year it will be great to see him gel with Bradford, opening up the box for Steven Jackson to tear defenses apart once again. And all this talk of trading Bradford, well, I want none of that either!