Monday, September 24, 2007

Frerotte to Leonard - Who Knew?

As I get ready to address all the Internet debate regarding the benching of Bulger in favor of Gus "Use him before he rots" Frerotte and of firing Linehan (which out of the two, I think that letting Gus start next week is the best and most viable option), across the wire comes news that Steven Jackson will be out AT LEAST one game with a partial left groin tear. This leads to two separate but similar dilemmas:

First - Without Jackson, there is now no way in hell that Bulger should get benched, because his leadership will be needed more now than ever. Gus could definitely step in and play, but Bulger possesses the leadership that this team is going to need to overcome what is now the most banged-up offense since the OJ murder (allegedly) trial.
Second - There is no way in hell that you let Bulger play, because with Jackson out, the blocking that has been so hit-and-miss will now be all but extinct. I know SJ sometimes blocks like one of the Golden Girls but at least he knows the schemes and has experience in picking up the blitz. So without him, that leaves...who? And with Marc already nursing two broken ribs, no way does his $65 Million dollar body need to take anymore abuse. Let the $2 Million dollar man do it. This team can rally around Gus and Brian and make things happen just like they did when Trent Green went down.

So after all is said and done, I say stick Gus in there and let him rip, or it might just be R.I.P. Bulger.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Rams Tied For First

AS I jumped into the air yelling, “It’s good, it’s good!,” I suddenly landed with a thud that was considerably louder than the one made by the ball grazing the front of the crossbar. “Nooooooo! Noooooooo! Noooo-hooo-hooo-hoooooo.”

So it went at my house on Sunday after Wilkie’s kick provided the grand sendoff to an 0-2 start. Not exactly what I expected when I threw on my new Jackson Pro Bowl Jersey, grabbed my football, and yelled “Oh yeah baby. Best day of the week right here!” NOT!!! Well, unless you’re a WHINER fan. Who’d a thunk it? The Whiners in first place after two weeks at 2-0? No way. Huh-uh. Nada. Not gonna happen. Except that it just has, and the Rams are at the bottom of the heap all alone. Or are they...?

Overall standings, we have SF at 2-0, the Cards at 1-1 thanks to a thrilling victory over the Hags on Sunday, followed by them Hags also at 1-1. However, division-wise, the Rams are only 0-1, the Hags are 0-1, the Cards are 1-1, and the Whiners are 2-0. We still play the Cards twice, the Hags twice, and the Whiners once more. Let’s keep assuming that the Whiners suck so therefore there is no way that they will continue this lucky streak, and it is truly a lucky one. They will not be in the division race at the end of the season, so their record does not matter and we’ll just forget about them. The Cards are also ahead of us at 1-1 division, but they too are no threat in the overall picture so we will forget about them also. That leaves the two best teams in the division, the Rams and the Hags, tied for first at 0-1. That’s right – TIED FOR FIRST! There is a still long way to go in this 16 game season and I am NOT going to turn my back on my most loved team in the whole entire universe. Yes they made me cry yesterday, but then again so did my wife, and I ain’t gettin’ rid of either of ‘em!

So now it’s on to Tampa Bay, Opie Garcia, and “P.O.N.T.I.A.C.” Williams. Here’s to win #1.

Monday, September 10, 2007

No Pace? Get a rope!

Although one man does not a team make, the loss of Orlando Pace has left both my Rams and my fantasy teams in the lurch.

It was amazing to watch what I called last week the "Greatest Offense on Earth" come to a screeching halt when Bulger's left hand man injured himself...again. Perhaps that is why the coaching staff's play calling after that was fit for pee wees, or maybe they were just so concerned about O.P. that they lost sight of the other guys out there actually still playing, but whatever the reason it was down right embarrassing and the worst I've seen in a long time.

Of course we can't discount the terrible officiating on both sides of the ball that also drove me insane, but what ultimately got to me was the false start on the very last UNTIMED play of the game. What the hell is that about?

It has been noted that the fans should be ashamed of themselves for leaving so early yesterday, but there is absolutely no excuse for our players to do so. What that showed me is that the players had even given up and were on their way home too. There is no way that a Bill Belichick coached player would do that, and I hope that the Rams coaching staff makes those players who packed it in early pay the price.

We'll see next week how concentrated the players are, and I hope it shows. So put down your beer and grab a rope, because if this keeps up we'll all be at the end of ours soon.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Horray, Football!

Back from the sweltering, gang-infested world that is Los Angeles, I can't help but wonder why in the world Frontiere doesn't want to go back there. Some loser was gonna call his homies to shoot up a gas station just because the pump wouldn't give him more than he paid for. And God forbid that someone allow you to get over so you can exit. God bless Corvallis, and that's all I have to say on that subject.

Now it is time once again for the footballs to take flight and the know-it-alls to come out from under their rocks and tell us how the Patriots and the Cowboys will meet in the Super Bowl in 2008.

While that may very well be the case, I will still allow myself to watch as the Rams attempt to derail "Them Cowboys" and stake their own claim once again to the Lombardi Trophy.

So grab yourself a beer and join me in watching the Greatest Offense on Earth come to life. Except for the beer part, of course, as I'll be doin' the Dew. Horray football!