Monday, December 28, 2009

And Then There Was One

One more game in this shambles of a season. One more game until my $400 NFL Sunday Ticket becomes a thing of the past, some of the worst money I ever spent. One more game until my world becomes so much easier, so much less stressful, and yet so much more boring. Not sure if I will ever recover from this year -- the up-all-night belching parties after a Sunday filled with fattening foods and mood lightening drinks have taken a toll on my body that may linger for months.

My wife is glad, no, thrilled it is over after next week. She said my attitude sucks during football season, beginning with Sunday afternoons all the way to Thursday nights as a sore pathetic whiny baby and then as the next week begins I shift from that to a stressed out nutjob until Sunday mornings. And while I am watching the games, well, let's just say she has a divorce attorney on standby. Weird how 10 years ago I wasn't like this, she reminds me. That's ok, because I just remind her that 10 years ago I could lift her up.

One more week to go, and then I get to calm down and enjoy life outside of football. Are you ready for some football-less? I sure am!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Decked By the Cards

Unfortunately for the Rams, Pass Interference only applies to teams who have more than one win. The 4th down pass to Avery that could have tied the game (WOULD HAVE!!!) was underthrown but the defender was all over him. At least illegal contact should have been called. But once again the Rams find a way to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory.

There is no gaurantee that they would have won even if Avery catches that ball, but at least it would have given them a shot at it. The cards were laid out in our favor, with Warner ailing, Leinart being Leinart, and SJ39 ramming it down their beaks. We could have won. Period. Of course it is not solely the officials' fault that we lost, what with the atrocious play calling AGAIN. But when you are fighting your ass off and get denied because the officials don't want to reward a one-win team, that is atrocious also.

I said it last week - Almost! Undefeated Saints and now first place Cards were almost beaten by us. Hopefully the new coaching staff takes this year and learns from it so that next year these same mistakes won't happen. Defensive minded HC needs a full year to learn how to run an offense too. They'll need to be much more in tune so that the newly drafted QB can learn the right way to play in the NFL.

Monday, November 16, 2009


What a game, eh? I am very proud of this team for outplaying the best team in the NFC for three quarters.

Last two weeks (games) have been much better, and it appears that Spags has this team right where other teams don't want us.

If Bulger-to-Avery can become more consistent, and if Amen-DOH-la can catch BEFORE the run (but what do we really expect from a Texas Tech guy), and if SJ39 can keep ramming it down their throats like we're a first place team, then we will win next week and the next and the next, win out, and win the NFC West. Booyah!

A little more work and a lot more playmaking and we have this division right where we want them. Almost.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Just Another Loss

Last week things seemed to be looking up. The team was playing hard and wanted to win. This week, it stayed that way for three quarters. Bulger can't hit the broad side of a barn with a BB gun sometimes, and when we needed him to step up most he failed miserably. Even on the opening play, the flea flicker to Avery, he under threw it just enough that Avery had to wait for it. If he leads him to it then Avery would still be running. Bartell is awful, and Barron needs to be shelved. Just another Rams draft bust for linemen.

I don't think that anyone really expected us to win Sunday, but Indy gave us plenty of chances. Perhaps they were just toying with us, but still - going into the fourth it was at least a ballgame.

Maybe this coming week against the Lions will be different. IF Bulger can remember to throw it to OUR guys then we just may get the W.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Not Bad

Despite the heartbreaking loss, it was nice to see the team playing hard. Except for Bartell, who couldn't cover my Grandma, it appears that all the players know what they are doing and are wanting to win.

Coach's decision to kick the figgie at end of regulation will be debated for days, but ultimately it ensured that we had a CHANCE to win, as opposed to do-or-die. Unexplained why he didn't opt for one more play with one timeout available, but at least with the FG there was no chance of a pick or fumble. If we go for it and lose, then we slay Coach for not taking the 3. He has the team playing to win and that is all we can ask for at this point. Great strides on Sunday IMHO.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rush Slayed By Racists

It is a travesty that Rush Limbaugh has been dumped as a prospective owner of the Rams. Why is it that when a White man with lots of money is discriminated against it is OK, but when that same white man speaks the truth about America he is labeled a racist? McNabb IS overrated, and he IS over pressured to succeed as a black QB. It's unfair, but it is the truth. Many people thought it, but because Rush had the balls to say it he is now once again the victim of the most arrogant racists in this country, hell, the world. And their leader? More than Hitler ever dreamed of being. That person is Al Sharpton.

For a self-professed man of God he sure loves to stick his nose right in the middle of politics. He also loves to talk trash about the White race and speaks his mind about whites worse than Rush ever has about blacks. Why is it that he can be called a hero but Rush is called a villain? This latest episode of reverse discrimination against Limbaugh is only the latest in the string of efforts by the non-reverend Sharpton to shut down White America. This IS America, and money talks, well, unless you're white and breath on a black man. It is too bad that after all the progress we have made in this country for all to be equal that the rich white man, aka "The Man" as labeled by racist black America, is being discriminated against at a higher level than any time in history.

I just want an owner who has enough money to buy the talent we need to win. Even Sharpton would be OK, as long as he didn't go with his racist views and fire all the whites in the organization. I highly doubt that Limbaugh would have only drafted white players, only gave whites jobs, or cut all the blacks and replaced them with whites. I thought football was about winning, not whining. Racism out of convenience has to stop, and stop now. And give Limbaugh the same chance that every hard working AMERICAN should have - to succeed no matter what color they are.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Turrible, just turrible

In the words of Charles Barkley, that is the way this team plays. When you get your QB blown up, your best WR's leg blown out, and your starting Left Tackle makes mistake after mistake (again), well, that is just turrible. What seemed to be a promising season with new coaches, new players, new attitude, and new plays has turned into the same old sorry ass Rams. Too bad Detroit won yesterday, because now we have the longest current losing streak in the NFL. Hopefully with Boller starting we will be more competitive, and if we go out and get Ronald Curry back things could get better quickly. And bench frickin' Barron. THEN maybe we will win.

Monday, September 21, 2009

No Spinning This One

Couldn't find a pic of yesterday's fumble, but this one says it too.

After week one's embarrasing loss, the Rams' coaches told Donnie Avery that spinning is bad, qoute "Spinning equals fumbles. Don't spin!" Avery acknowledged this request to the media and said that he had learned from his beginning-of-the-game-morale-killing fumble and would heed his coaches' advice for week two. No spinning. Well, what do ya know he threw caution and all football sense to the wind and spun - Fummmmbllllllle! After stupid penalties, dropped passes and these lame ass fumbles - and don't credit them to playing hard - I am really glad that we released Curry. Guy is big, has good hands, and doesn't make rookie mistakes.

Oh wait, Avery isn't a rookie? Well then someone needs to tell him that! We gave up Isaac Bruce for Avery's first year, Torry Holt for his second year, and for what? Guy is turning into the Alex Barron of wide outs. Mistake after mistake. Hopefully Spags will see his way to sitting this guy in favor of Keenan Burton next week or we very well may be reliving this same story again.

Monday, September 14, 2009


Yesterday's game marked the first time that the Rams played a game without any offensive member of the GSOT. The only remaining player from that team is Leonard Little, who right about now probably wishes that he wasn't. It is amazing that while the offensive players are now gone, this team remains committed to be offensive in its play.

Losing to the Seahags is one thing, but being shut out is another. Granted the officiating was atrocious, but there is no excuse for opening up the season with a fumbled kick return. One thing that I don't understand about that particular play was why in the heck Avery was returning kicks anyway. How many WR's do we have that can play this game at a high enough level that we can afford for Avery to get his head knocked off on the season's first play? NONE! Even though we got the ball right back on the endzone pick, that fumble set the tone for the worst game I can remember. The play calling was awful, the penalties were unbelievable, and the special teams were atrocious. John Carlson? John Carlson? Really?

Next week we go into D.C. to play a 'Skins team that also relies heavily on the TE. Look for another ass whoopin if some major adjustments aren't made before then. New coaches, new players, new playbook, same lame result. If we get another effort like the one Sunday, then we can officially name this team the LSOT - Lamest show on turf.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


No Berlin

No Tye Hill

3 Preseason wins

Season starts next week

Bulger back

New Coach

New O-Line

New Wr's

Laurinaitis is a stud

and last but not least...

Crabtree is a stupid idiot
Blount is a punk
No more Venus
Merriman is even more stupid - for dating TT!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What QB For Us?

Now that Favre is coming to town as a Viking in a month or so, it makes me wonder what the future holds for our QB's. With Bulger out and Berlin (who wears Warner's number 13 because he's an f'in idiot) with as much talent as Cloris Leachman, Boller who should be a bowler and Null a rookie, does the F.O. go out and get a decent veteran QB? One that might be available is current Viking reject Tarvaris Jackson, who now looks to be the odd QB out in Minny. Oh wait, that's right - I said decent.

I sure hope that Tarvaris is NOT picked up by our team, because anyone who can't lead Adrian Peterson to the endzone with the box stacked and WR's running free down the field does not belong in St. Louis either. Period. I say stick with what we have, well, except Brock the cock Berlin, because either way we're getting Sam Bradford.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fantasy Update

So there I was, walking on the beach when this beautiful woman holding a football...

Oops, sorry - wrong fantasy. And even though it would be more exciting then drafting #1 in August, I won't tell you the rest. What I will tell you is that my first pick will be Steven Jackson(unless he's gone, of course). I am going to really miss having Torry on my bench while he gets absolutely NOTHING from Bulger, but maybe this year will be different now that he has his 20 year old legs back with his new team. Yeah right. From a fantasy standpoint I am glad that he is gone, because my loyalty to Rams players in my draft is my ultimate downfall. Now if I can just keep from drafting Marc, I'll be alright.

According to The ESPN TOP 150, SJ is ranked #5 RB and #5 overall, while Marc is all the way down at #277 overall and #28 in QB behind Brady Quinn and JaMarcus Frickin Russell! Donnie Avery is listed at a respectable #107 overall and #38 WR, but is still ranked behind such HOF'ers as MICHEAL CRABTREE and DERRICK MASON! That's right - an overrated rookie and a retired leftover. Ooh, I know - if Bennett signs with the Ravens I can take him, since he'll probably be rated ahead of Avery too. Makes me want to crumple this big stupid list up and go with my gut. And I would if it wasn't so damn big too!

For fantasy update, this is the Beave signing off and reminding you that man must not live on bread alone, but if you've got bread man - you're not alone.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Last blog I wrote was in regards to Vick possibly moving into Rams Park and that if he did, I was moving out. While this has not happened, I still moved - from Oregon back to Northern California. My life is now back in order and I will be posting for next issue. It's good to be home!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Just Moving or Moving Out?

That is the question that I may soon be answering. As I ready my family for our move back to California, family obligations being what they are and all, I am now also faced with a moving dilemma that faces all Rams fans - what to do if Michael Vick moves into Rams Park?

This rumor was circulating earlier in his criminal incarcerated career and I stand now by what I said then - if he moves in, I am moving out. Period. As hard as it seems, I will not stand by idly while the team I love employs a killer of the animal I love the most.

And at such time when he moves out, I will be ready to move back in and retake my spot among the fans of the XGSOT.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Holt a Bolt?

Or a Whiner? Or a Raider? Or how about a Seahag? Whatever the case, he is gone from our team but will never be gone from our memory.

His hands are some of the greatest I have seen and his heart is unquestionable.

The TD he caught in Super Bowl 34 with his shoulder so bad he couldn't even raise his arm so he used his facemask to secure it - AS A ROOKIE - was incredible. His juggling catch against the Hags was one of the best of that year and played over and over on SC.

His leadership will be sorely missed, as will his work ethic.

I can only hope that his replacement will be half as good.

No Faulk, no Warner, no Bruce, and now no Holt, the final piece of the GSOT gone forever. The best foursome in the history of the NFL left us memories that will last a lifetime. Unfortunately, so will this year's rendition of the WSOT.

PS) Bulger for Cutler IN A HEARTBEAT!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Free Agent Free For All

These free agents living in this free country sure cost an awful lot. Amazing how a bum economy will tighten the wallets of NFL owners when it comes to wooing free agents...NOT! WTF?!?!? I can't afford my NFL Sunday TIcket this coming year but the frickin Redskins can give Albert Step-on-your-mug-sworth $100,000,000, the Raiders can give Nnamdi Awesome-uah the richest DB contract ever, Seattle gives TJ You-know-who $40,000,000, and so on. Our own Rams aren't immune from this spending frenzy, franchising Atogwe, resigning Bartell, and giving Jason Brown how much? $37,000,000! It just kills me to see all this money being thrown at human beings who came into this world the same way you and I did, have the same 24 hours in a day we do, and live in the same broke-ass country we do. Perhaps Barack Saddam Hussein Osama Obama will fix it all, or perhaps I will grab a fork and poke out my eye. Either way, somethings gotta happen.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Does It Really Matter?

Ah yes, here it is the slow time of year for football fans yet so much is going on in our Rams world. New coach, new staff, "new" GM, new #2 draft pick, and hopefully new attitude. What remains to be seen is if there will be a new #1 WR. With Torry obviously having lost a step and two stud WR's vying for his spot, it is very possible that the Rams will allow Holt to go, possibly to the Whiners to be reunited with Ike, or possibly to wherever Mad Mike ends up (if he does).

These lean economic times make it hard for me to worry about where Holt will be, especially hard since all the money these guys cry about not making (not specifically Holt) is really insulting to all the hard working men and women of this country who have non anymore. As long as our economy is in the toilet, football just doesn't seem to matter. Now that Bush has been forcefully yet thankfully punted and the new N'Obama regime is taxingly underway, we face another 8 years of governmental ineptitude. Hopefully the Rams won't give us 8 more too.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Every Which Way But Haslett?

Even with all the great prospects I still don't understand why Jim Haslett can't be given the reins to this team and allowed to work through a full season before impaling him. All he did was ignite this team to two mind boggling wins over Washington and Dallas before the players woke up and remembered that they suck no matter who the coach is and tanked it the rest of the way. What a shame that someone who the players want to play for could possibly lose his job so that we can start this whole fiasco over again with a new guy. We know Haslett can coach, and we know he can motivate. And we know the players want him back. So why not? Does 2-14 really matter that much when the teams with the best records in the NFC are home this weekend too? Unless, of course, Rams ownership actually believes that a new guy would win us the Super Bowl next year, then by all means. Get him in here yesterday.

Whatever the case may be, I just hope that whoever the coach is rips the #13 off of Berlin's jersey and shoves it down his throat. What a travesty that someone who isn't even good enough to beat out a 2-14 QB is wearing the number of the greatest QB in St. Louis Rams history. Let him go back to his beloved #7 - a much more fitting comparison.