Monday, April 26, 2010


I love all the talk about draft grades when none of these guys have even played yet. Bradford was a nice pick, but for my money we should have taken Suh and the look who's there in the second round for us to pick - Jimmy Clausen. Would have been a steal of a draft and worth grading ahead of time then. Now we have about 50% good and 50% not so good staring us in the face and another $400 Sunday Ticket staring me in the face. Wow. For my money i'd just as soon spend that money on bills, so its bye bye Sunday Ticket for this year. I say Yippee to another experimental year of Rams football and will wait anxiously to see who the Rams pick #1 next year.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools

Why is it that this time of year the stupidest holiday of the year manifests itself at the best event of the year? Of course, if the NFL Draft wasn't always a make-or-break for the Rams it would help too. The past few years have shown that when it comes to the Rams management and drafts they are prone to be fooled more than not. Lauranitis is the ONLY first round player to pay dividends in his first year since SJ39 in 2004, so hopefully we are not in for another 5 year drought. Bradford or Suh, don't trade down, and don't pick anyone from the Ducks. All that should make for a great start to 2010.