Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Are We Done Yet…With Punking the Rams?

After a several month hiatus, I am back to share my wonderful and inspiring ideas but what with today being my 14th wedding anniversary and my wife breathing down my neck to go shopping for a new Acura or something girly like that, the writer’s block is hitting me like a Leonard Little sack.

So anyway, by now we all know who the Rams drafted, what their stats were, their strengths and weaknesses, and all that other stuff that is exciting for about 3 hours until I get sick and tired of hearing about it. So with the upcoming premier of the sequel to “Are We There Yet” just right around the corner, I figured I would pay homage to it by saying of the draft… “Are we done yet?” and of the season, “Are we there yet?”

With the first pick in the 2007 NFL Draft, the Oakland Raiders select WHO CARES!!!!!!! They are the epitome of stinkville, and the chump they picked #1 is not going to do them any good. How in the world does someone who has one good Bowl game jump to the top of the leader board like that anyway? I wonder why, with all the hours upon hours of speculation about who would be the number 1 pick, no one ever addressed the real question, the one I am truly concerned about - JaMarcus??? What the hell is a “Ja,” and what ever happened to plain ole freakin “Marcus?” Calvin Johnson should have been the #1 pick, but all that’s beside the point. We get all the way to #13 and the same old conspiracy rears its ugly head – ESPN totally punks the Rams. I have seen this discussed on several Rams boards, and it is something I would like to address also. For those of us who tortured ourselves by watching the entire draft, we observed that for each pick, the “experts” barraged us with their usual pre-pick chatter by weighing in on each team’s needs and who was available to fill them. EXCEPT FOR THE RAMS!

After the 12th pick, they continued to talk about the #12 pick, then proceeded to bring up poor little Brady Quinn sitting with his soon to be ex-girlfriend, only to follow that with a long commercial break that ended just in time for us to see the commish walk up to podium and announce the Rams’ pick. No pre-pick commentary on the Rams, their needs, their war room tactics, their possibilities, anything. And then after the pick, just a few words about Carriker and that was it. Then another commercial break and right on to in-depth discussion about the #14 pick. Oh yeah, and Brady Quinn. I have heard word that the NFL Network did better thanks to Marshall being on board, and I know that Torry was on the ESPN draft panel before, but with no MNF games this year and no real coverage of the Rams on ESPN, it seems the same ole sorry ass NFL execs are at it again. Here’s to hoping that the actual games this season won’t reflect this again also.