Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Obama Rules...The Felon Parade

So here it is, time once again for the selection of the yearly overhyped vs underappreciated Pro Bowl selections and what do ya know - we are barraged with the OverHyped once again. For starting QB on the NFC side do we have Sam Bradford, who has started every game this season and set the records for Yards and Completions by a Rookie, with one game remaining mind you, and has his team one win away from a division title after a 1-15 season? NO! Do we have Matty Ice, who has started every game this season and led the Falcons to the best record in the NFC? NO! What about the World Champion Drew Brees? Nope! So who does this fine nation of dog lovers chose? The #1 dog lover himself, Michael Vick, who has NOT started every game this season and has team right where they were before!

How could this happen, you ask? Well, I guess our fine President, Barack "Can't-Prove-He's-An-American-Citizen" Obama has a say in Pro Bowl voting too. How nice of him to take time out of his busy vacation schedule to call the Eagles and give them props for allowing a convicted felon a chance to right himself and become a "respected" member of society. Amazing how out of all the convicted felons we have in this country who have done this same thing, this one gets the Presidential Seal of Approval. I wonder how many votes for Vick he required his staffers to procure. I guess when you haven't went to prison you don't deserve any props from our President for turning around a whole team, but if you have been in prison and turned yourself around (allegedly) then he deems that worthy of his time. I hope he didn't use my tax quarter to make that phone call.

There is a sad movement in this country by teenage girls to get pregnant so that they can become cool, recognized, and more importantly for them even on Reality TV. Let us hope that the "Let's go to prison so our President thinks we're cool" movement hasn't now begun too. If is has, well, I guess fine honest white, er I mean wise QB's like Bradford, Ryan, Brees, and Rodgers have nothing to look forward to other than winning. Better get to felloning, guys!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

S. Bradford

S for Sam? Perhaps, but more appropriate would be Slinger, Sacked, and/or Sad. It is sad that our beloved rookie QB has turned into an interception-throwing gun slinger because he doesn't want to get sacked by a four man rush.

Used to be that he would roll out of the pocket and hit one of our own for a fifteen yard pickup on third-and-10, but lately it has been more like hitting their wr, AKA DB, or get sacked, or best yet, actually hit one of our own but for a loss.

Why all the dump-off passes on third and long? Why have Bradford continue to throw 40 times a game? We need a new OC badly before S. Bradford becomes Sidelined or worse - Slaughtered.

Monday, December 13, 2010


So much for Bradford not being of this world. After several bad balls, one returned for a TD by the Saints that killed a hugely needed scoring opportunity, we learned that Sam is indeed Human, one of us after all.

 Of course it would have helped if we could have gotten to their QB at all, or if we would have held on to the ball on our opening drive, or if...just if.

 Too many ifs lead to too many L's. We need Super Sam back this coming Sunday against the Chiefs or we may be saying "if" all winter long.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The New Colts?

Who would have thought that at week 13 the Rams would have the same 6-6 record as the Indy Colts! A perennial playoff team and Super Bowl contender, the Colts have now regressed behind their once unstoppable-in-the-regular-season QB Peyton Manning.

 As Bradford nears the end of his rookie season, he is progressing more than we could have ever imagined and the Rams now have the makings of a perennial playoff team once again. When you compare Bradford's numbers to Elway, Aikman, and Peyton in their rookie seasons, Bradford is blowing the doors off them.

 With Sam at the helm, SJ39 at his back, Amendola pimpin' the YAC, and a Defense that is on the brink of the top 5, we are poised to reign the NFC for years to come.