Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Rams, Rams Go Away...

Come back another day. Maybe. If they come back next year like they did the last few years, then no - please stay away. If Haslett comes back with them, then yes. When is 2-14 better than 3-13? When the team is playing their asses off. If the players aren't good enough to win, that's just they way it is. But if they are good enough to win and they still don't, then the HC needs to be held accountable. As a whole, this group of players just isn't good enough to win. Don't blame the coach for not getting blood out of a turnip. And just because Mangini got canned at 9-7 doesn't mean that Haslett should at 2-12. That's like saying that Bush should still be president since Castro is.

If Bulger and Holt and Jackson and Avery come back with them, then yes, come back. But if the "new" front office wants to jerk this team around by being politically correct and bringing in a head coach because of what he is instead if who he is, then please, don't come back. And if whoever the coach is can't get the team to win in the preseason, then definitely don't come back.

Come back to play, and come back to win. Just please come back with Jim.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Was I Scared?

That was the question that my 12 year old son asked me when the fourth quarter began. "No," I said with conviction, "although this is the time when they seem to choke." And then it happened. Again. When Bruce treated Fakhir like a rented mule and beat him for the TD and his 1000th career catch, I let out a rather loud BRUUUUUUUUUUUUUCE only to have my 8 year old daughter say "I thought you said he doesn't play on the Rams anymore" and my son ask me: "Are you scared now?" I replied: "He doesn't, but he's still one of my favorite players EVER" and "Yes, now I'm scared!"

You're damn right I was scared. I just knew, just knew that it was going to happen, and then when we went three and out I sunk down in my chair and waited for the inevitable. Another pick by Bulger to end a game. Sure the rookie ran the wrong route, the same rookie who made a freakin awesome catch two plays earlier, but Bulger should have never thrown that pass. Hasn't he figured out yet that Torry runs the right routes, not the rookies? He keeps trying to find everyone but Torry when the game is on the line. Whether that is his reads or the play calling I don't know, but either way it just plain sucks. Between Bulger's and Al Saunders' experience you would think that they could come up with something better than all these stupid throws that end games on a pick.

So this week it's off to Atlanta to get the snot ran out of us by Michael Turner and the secondary kicked around by the guy I wanted us to draft, Matt Ryan. And even though I will always root for our team to win, that #2 pick staring us in the face is awful appealing. What to do, what to do...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Punter Gets Punked

I guess that being the second worst team in the entire league means that even the lowly punter doesn't have a shot at a Pro Bowl. This would make sense except for one thing - the worst teams rely on their punter more than any other teams, and with Jones kicking the snot out of the ball every game, why is Feagles going to the Pro Bowl instead of him? Because the league has a love affair with the Giants and the rest of the NFC East. At least Team Obliterator didn't make it. Guess that love only goes so far. But back to Jones. Best punter in the NFL this year, bar none. And what ranking is Feagles? 2, 3, 5, 10? No - 19!!! Nine-frickin-Teen. So let's take the #19 punter instead of the #1 punter. And when you consider that the Lions punter Nick Harris is only ranked 23rd, and the Bungholes punter Kyle Larson is only ranked 42nd, Jones' feat (no pun intended) is amazing. It will be nice when the Pro Bowl goes back to being about the playes and not politics. If it ever does.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Damn, Things Suck!

What a waste of a season. First, the Rams stink as bad as last year, which was hard to do. They are actually, record aside, worse than the Lions at this point. At least the Lions are making teams work to beat them. Second, my fantasy sucked so bad this year that I am kicking myself for pulling a Favre and coming out of fantasy retirement during training camp. The only thing that would make this season great for me now would be for Kurt to lead the Cardinals to a Super Bowl victory and get MVP. Not that I care about the Cardinals, just that all of my Warner memorabilia could really use the boost!

Monday, December 1, 2008

NBA comes to NFL

Yep. At least that's the way it appears to me. For the third week in a row, the Rams have made like Sir Charles and provided the rebound for a team that got annihilated the week before they played us. It is obvious why this is - we are the second worst team in football and until we play the Lions will remain as such. Since that won't happen this year, all signs point to the second pick in the draft and hopes of "Better luck next year."

Until the Rams get some help for Bulger, he will continue to get the snot beat out of him, will continue to make bad decisions just so he can escape being tattooed, and will end this season as his worst. Still, he is the best QB we have and although he has played into his nickname of Marc Booger, should remain the starter until his contract is up. Get him some help and he will return to Pro Bowl form. And if he just happens to get hurt, I truly hope that the few fans in attendance will not cheer as the Brownies' fans did yesterday when Anderson went down.