Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Airways are all over which teams might be interested in Vick once he gets his felon ass released from PRISON and some are saying the Rams. Hear me now and believe me later - if the Rams sign him I don't care what I've said about loyalty and fandom and all that stuff. I will no longer be a Rams fan. Period. Over. Done. Face of our franchise? Give me a break already. More like facial imprint on his cellmate's pillow!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Montana, Young, and...Hill?

Last week I predicted that Shaun Hill would have a monster game, and although it was not as monster-ish as I thought it would be, he did not disappoint. Or maybe yes he did, to us Rams fans anyway. A Whiner QB with a rating of over 142.3 is bad enough, but a perfect first half rating of 158.3 is absolutely atrocious. This had NEVER been done by a Whiner QB, ever, not even Joe. The next closest was in 1997 by Steve Young @ 156.5 against the Saints. The KNBR 680 radio announcer for the Whiners said it best, "A whole season worth of scoring in one half." He has cemented his name into the Whiner's record books at our expense. How great is that? Martz, Bruce, and the 2008 Whiners. Makes me want to puke.

This was a numbing display by the Rams, and if it weren't for fantasy football there would be no reason to even worry about this season anymore. It is no wonder that the NFL Sunday Ticket does not give refunds after the season has started. The Rams' front office should.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

NFL Does it Again

This week the NFL rescinded Randy Moss' $20K fine for verbally abusing the officials after their game two week ago. This is just another favor done to this team that further proves the NFL's unwillingness to punish them. Sure they lost a first round draft pick last year after Belicheat got caught, but they had two first round picks and it wasn't their high pick, which would really have sent the message. And after the Pats went a whole game at home in week 7 against us without one penalty, and the Chargers screaming that the Cheatriots get all the calls at home (and most on the road for that matter), it is my guess that we will see them in the Super Bowl again this year. And that is really just too bad.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Talk about kicking a guy when he's finally gettin back up! The next few weeks are going to be a testament to this team's character, to see if they can live up to the hype thrown upon them after two stunning victories against Dallas and Washington.

It was said that Haslett had inspired this team, and we were all looking for a comeback, a win over the Cards, and a run at the division title. Not only has this been derailed after Sunday's spanking by Warner, but the Rams will now have to contend with possibly starting unknown running back Kenneth Darby for the upcoming game, and possibly games. Darby right now is the team’s only healthy running back and could be the starter Sunday when the Rams play the Jets on the road. Steven Jackson, Antonio Pittman, and Travis Minor are a toss up this point. Coach said that if Jackson can't give a full week's practice then he won't play. In addition, Hall and Bennett have been placed on injured reserve, and Draft has a fractured right foot and is week-to-week, although it's the same thing Bennet had so this is probaby the last we've seen of Draft this year too.

The season started out terrible, turned great in a heartbeat, and is now back down to earth. Let's just hope the character of our guys didn't come back with it.

Sidenote: Is this a stab at Bennett? Coach said that even though Draft's injured ankle is the same thing Bennett has, he would expect to see Draft back in there within two to three weeks, "Because that's the kind of kid he is." WOW! If that isn't throwing it back in Bennett's grill then I don't know what is. It will be interesting to see if he responds to this and exactly how long Draft will actually be out.