Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mo Money, Mo Problems

Aw, the wonders of a college town on spring break! For some reason I feel like the meaning of life will present itself soon...

Anyhoo, with the NFL draft coming up, NBA basketball in full swing, the Big Dance a day away (GO DUCKS!), and MLB Opening Day just a week away, this is a very exciting time for sports fans world over. And as I watched the Bosox nearly boycott a game because of coach compensation issues, I could only sit and wonder what it would be like if they really had no money, you know, like me. The money being floated around in professional sports is appalling, and so is the poverty that has the whole world in it's unrelenting grasp. It is amazing that while the sports icons continue to sign record contracts, normal people are getting booted out of their homes, their jobs, and their health insurance.

Why not stop giving more money to sports and address the financial crisis that is about to throw us into the biggest recession since, well, the recession? And instead of the FED injecting billions of dollars into the stock market, why not shoot it into the veins of the schools, hospitals, and child, senior and disabled services that need it so much more than some rich jerk who might lose his third home in Maui if his investments go south? Why not make the oil companies give back their record profits in the form of deep cuts at the pump, thus allowing the common folk to have more money for other necessities in life? Why not? Because the rich are in charge of everything, and until that changes, they will continue to have more money while the rest of us have more problems.

So much for a FREE country.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Bruce is Loose

Well, I guess the Rams front office doesn't read my blogs after all. Isaac Bruce is now a Whiner, and yes, they will still be referred to as the Whiners even with Ike on their team. This is going to present a difficult decision for me when they play us. I will be rooting for us, of course, but what about when (no, not IF) Bruce catches a toe-touch TD to beat us? Will I be true to my team, or be true to my heart? I suppose that with time it will get easier, as it did with my Whiner friends after the departure of Jerry Rice, but I will never stop watching and being amazed by the player who bears my son's middle name. I hope that the first time we play them he burns us for 200 yds and 3 td's. As long as we win, of course. Which, if the Free Agency shut out continues, will be a struggle. Of course they went out and replaced the retired Wilkins with another clutch kicker, but the real question is..can he tackle?

Here's wishing Isaac Bruce the best and the Whiners the worst.