Thursday, July 28, 2011

What Day is it Again?

So here it is nearly August and with only 3 days of over 100 degree weather so far this summer I am glad to say that, despite the relatively cold weather and my absence from Planet Rams being prolonged due to complications from surgery and this dag-gum medication, I am still hot as ever so sit down, shut up, and hang on to your laptop as I send you on a lyrical journey so profound that by the time you get done reading this sentence you too will feel like I should just start this whole thing I will. Geez that was horrible!

Speaking of horrible...this lockout thingy has just about got me ready to go postal. I am very tempted to cancel my DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket b4 they just decide to charge us anyway, and then I am going to sell all of my Ram's Memorabilia on eBay and Twitter and Facebook and...

Wait a minute. What's that? The lockout ended a few days ago? Well ruck me funnin! I had no idea, I guess this medication is stronger than I thought. Well great then! I guess I can keep my Sunday Ticket, and I don't have to sell my stuff on eBay and FaceTwitter and oh hell, is it time for football yet? It's time for my meds again, so sorry if I rambled. You know, its hard being on so much medication and in so much pain all the time, but at least from what I hear the NFL lockout thingy might soon be over!