Tuesday, January 4, 2011


No, really, my friend knows someone who has a baby named Jeebus. So they will hopefully not get upset that I attribute that sorry, pathetic, and horrendous performance to their son. Or is it a girl? Somtimes you just can't tell, you know? Kinda like how one week we get the Jekkyl and the next a Hyde out of the Rams and their stupid, ignorant, and underwhelming play calling and play execution. These guys make how much to play like that? And if you or I gave our bosses that type of effort on an as-frequent basis, we would be out of a job so fast it would make a cheetah seem slow.

With the talent we have on this team at QB and RB, we should have been able to kick the Seahags sorry ass D in the frickin teeth but instead we rolled over and asked them to pour a little sand on it while they were at it. An unbelievably poor and embarrassing performance by a bunch of overpaid self-absorbed athletes. Catch a ball thrown right into our hands? OOPS! Stop a QB who was 0-1 as a starter? OOPS! Almost as bad as naming your baby JEEBUS.