Thursday, September 29, 2011

0-3 is not 0-16...yet

As you all know by know, the Rams suck this year.  What you all may not know is that, well, ok so you know they suck REAL BAD!!!  The good news however is that they can only go 0-3 once per year,  but the bad news is they can continue to go 0-fer and end up tying the Lions for futility.  EVERY STINKIN YEAR at this time I kick myself in the face for ponying up almost 4 bills to watch them on The Ticket, but this year it is especially hard since the expectations coming off 7-9 were very high.

Now 0-3 is not the end of the season by any means, it is an 0-3 that does not include any division games.  My math is horrible, but if we just win all the division games and lose everything else we would finish at 6-10 and could still win the division based on head to head with the other 6-10 division team, whoever that may be this year.I am not throwing in the towel, but if we continue to take a bath I will need to trade my towel in for an automatic dryer!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What the Salas?!?!?

It appears that what we have been taught all of our lives about the preseason is being pounded into our heads: Don't get excited about beautiful preseason wins. After blowing through the preseason schedule like a hurricane, our team has suddenly began blowing like an onion ring fart. It stinks, and it hurts. I dont remember seeing Salas return punts during the preseason or even week #1, in fact I distinctly remember Norwood and Gibson among others, but not Salas. Maybe coach was trying a little misdirection, like "Ooooh they think Norwood is going to return punts this game but I'm gonna trick them and bring in the awesome punt-returner, secret weapon Salas. I'll show them!"

Yeah well, he showed them alright. Showed them what a stupid idea that was. Showed them the red carpet right into the endzone. Showed them that for the fifth consecutive season they dont mind starting 0-2, even though it was in front of the entire world on MNF and was the perfect stage to show that the Rams are back. Fumbles, penalies, dropped passes, and even more penalties do not show that to the world, but shows falsely that we are just the SOSAR. I know that we will probably still win the division by default since the only other choices are even worse than the Rams, but at least the coach could give the team the chance to win it outright by playing the players we need out there. First game inactives and second game actives just boggles my mind, and I'm not sure what to think at this point as to the direction coach is going.

THAT BEING SAID... I salute a huge "You're number one!" to the Giants for being such sorry azz cheaters. Faking injuries to slow us down? Are you kidding me? That was one of the most chickin **** things I've ever seen in an NFL game. Not only does this give me one more reason to totally despise New York teams, but it goes to show that we ARE a good team and that the Giants knew that they were very capable of being beat by us that night. Of course thay had no idea that Salas, or is it Salsa?, was going to be our featured WR at PR, or that Saffold would summon the ghost of Alex Barron and absolutely kill us on potential TD drives, or that Bradford hitting the WR in the hands or the numbers with that oblong leather thingy is counter-productive on our team.

All things being what they are, I guess we just have to hope that this coming Sunday against the Ravens will be a repeat of what a team way worse than us, the Titans, did to them: kicked their bahooty after the Ravens slew the mighty Steelers on opening weekend. No Amendola will again hurt us tremendously but we CAN win with Alexander and Kendricks and even Salsa playing the way they are supposed to and are capable of. Down go the Ravens, and GO RAMS!