Monday, January 12, 2009

Every Which Way But Haslett?

Even with all the great prospects I still don't understand why Jim Haslett can't be given the reins to this team and allowed to work through a full season before impaling him. All he did was ignite this team to two mind boggling wins over Washington and Dallas before the players woke up and remembered that they suck no matter who the coach is and tanked it the rest of the way. What a shame that someone who the players want to play for could possibly lose his job so that we can start this whole fiasco over again with a new guy. We know Haslett can coach, and we know he can motivate. And we know the players want him back. So why not? Does 2-14 really matter that much when the teams with the best records in the NFC are home this weekend too? Unless, of course, Rams ownership actually believes that a new guy would win us the Super Bowl next year, then by all means. Get him in here yesterday.

Whatever the case may be, I just hope that whoever the coach is rips the #13 off of Berlin's jersey and shoves it down his throat. What a travesty that someone who isn't even good enough to beat out a 2-14 QB is wearing the number of the greatest QB in St. Louis Rams history. Let him go back to his beloved #7 - a much more fitting comparison.