Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Officially Bogus

It seems like forever ago when we were clamoring for the replacement officials to be replaced with the regular officials who know what they're doing, and how glad we were when it finally happened. To which I now ask...What happened? These guys were horrible on Sunday and although in reality it must be harder on them since they had no preseason, still - you would think that all that time off would have taken any Patriots bias and gotten rid of it. From the calls that we got and the ones the Patriots got away with it is obvious this did not happen.

It has been said that the officials could call holding on every play, and while that is not expected at least they could call it when it is blatantly obvious - on both teams I mean, not just ours. Chris Long was getting held all day long, not to mention THREE roughing the QB penalties we should have gotten on Bradford. Since when is it legal for the defender to drive the QB into the ground? Oh yeah that's right - when its the Cheatriots. Sure Fletcher tried to cheat too and got called on it three times in a row, yet when the Belicheats could have gotten offensive pi called in the end zone it went unpunished. Time after time in this game it was obvious that even tho the officials had been locked out, the Patriot bias remained alive and well in all of them.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


So be it, if this is how we are gonna be treated by our team then I hereby declare them the SONAR - Same Old New Ass Rams!  Week after week they seem to implode then explode then implode then explode, never settling on any one way of winning or losing thereby causing severe distress to our easily rattled nerves.

How they could lose to a Dolphins team that has a QB who used to be a WR in college is just ridiculous, and hopefully all the issues Janoris had covering their wideouts will help bring him back to earth and make the rook remember that he is, well, a rook. Getting caught not looking but staring into the backfield as your assignment runs past you for an easy score should shame him into wanting to get better this week.  HOWEVER, 3-3 is an awesome way to be after 6 weeks, and if we finish 8-8 it'll be tough to accept but ultimately will be ok considering where we ended last year.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Above .500 At Last

Used to be that we had to wait for the morning paper to read the standings, but in this age of instant  aka "real time" updates when I saw that our beloved Rams were 3-2 I almost thought I needed to get my eyes checked - something just wasn't right! Even though I watched the entire game and I knew the outcome and I knew we were now 3-2 I had to pinch myself, for seeing 3-2 was almost dreamlike. But alas, for the first time in years this won/loss record was over .500 and it was correct. No dyslexia, no alcohol induced psychosis, no glasses needed!

Amazing how much an experienced coach can change the climate and attitude of a perennial loser. Our defense is flat out awesome, and if Bradford could actually hit the ocean with a beach ball then we would be unbeatable. Unfortunately he is looking more and more like Jake Plummer. Some of the decisions he makes are just head scratching - who woulda thought when the season started that #8 would be the weak spot we are talking about in week 6. Hopefully he can survive without his widdle security bwanket Amendola this time around, because we are in prime position to compete for the division and have to get better from here.