Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Fat Man Has Sung

Whatever playoff hopes we so mistakenly entertained are now squashed like my wife on our wedding night. As I sit here watching the Cheatriots lose to the Whiners with the help of one Brandon Lloyd, and we hear of other former rams making plays for their new teams, I can only dream of what our team would be like if we had some playmakers of our own. Although today's game was lost on both sides of the ball, the way this year has shaped up is a definite result of the tremendous lack of proven talent at the WR position. We see the Whiners winning because they stuck with Alex Smith and they stuck with Michael Crabtree and they have developed their players to keep them, not let that development help someone else just when these guys are ready to roll. I truly hope that we do not let any of our young guys escape after this year, and that we add at least one accomplished veteran to lead them.

As for the kicking game...

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