Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Rams, Rams Go Away...

Come back another day. Maybe. If they come back next year like they did the last few years, then no - please stay away. If Haslett comes back with them, then yes. When is 2-14 better than 3-13? When the team is playing their asses off. If the players aren't good enough to win, that's just they way it is. But if they are good enough to win and they still don't, then the HC needs to be held accountable. As a whole, this group of players just isn't good enough to win. Don't blame the coach for not getting blood out of a turnip. And just because Mangini got canned at 9-7 doesn't mean that Haslett should at 2-12. That's like saying that Bush should still be president since Castro is.

If Bulger and Holt and Jackson and Avery come back with them, then yes, come back. But if the "new" front office wants to jerk this team around by being politically correct and bringing in a head coach because of what he is instead if who he is, then please, don't come back. And if whoever the coach is can't get the team to win in the preseason, then definitely don't come back.

Come back to play, and come back to win. Just please come back with Jim.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Was I Scared?

That was the question that my 12 year old son asked me when the fourth quarter began. "No," I said with conviction, "although this is the time when they seem to choke." And then it happened. Again. When Bruce treated Fakhir like a rented mule and beat him for the TD and his 1000th career catch, I let out a rather loud BRUUUUUUUUUUUUUCE only to have my 8 year old daughter say "I thought you said he doesn't play on the Rams anymore" and my son ask me: "Are you scared now?" I replied: "He doesn't, but he's still one of my favorite players EVER" and "Yes, now I'm scared!"

You're damn right I was scared. I just knew, just knew that it was going to happen, and then when we went three and out I sunk down in my chair and waited for the inevitable. Another pick by Bulger to end a game. Sure the rookie ran the wrong route, the same rookie who made a freakin awesome catch two plays earlier, but Bulger should have never thrown that pass. Hasn't he figured out yet that Torry runs the right routes, not the rookies? He keeps trying to find everyone but Torry when the game is on the line. Whether that is his reads or the play calling I don't know, but either way it just plain sucks. Between Bulger's and Al Saunders' experience you would think that they could come up with something better than all these stupid throws that end games on a pick.

So this week it's off to Atlanta to get the snot ran out of us by Michael Turner and the secondary kicked around by the guy I wanted us to draft, Matt Ryan. And even though I will always root for our team to win, that #2 pick staring us in the face is awful appealing. What to do, what to do...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Punter Gets Punked

I guess that being the second worst team in the entire league means that even the lowly punter doesn't have a shot at a Pro Bowl. This would make sense except for one thing - the worst teams rely on their punter more than any other teams, and with Jones kicking the snot out of the ball every game, why is Feagles going to the Pro Bowl instead of him? Because the league has a love affair with the Giants and the rest of the NFC East. At least Team Obliterator didn't make it. Guess that love only goes so far. But back to Jones. Best punter in the NFL this year, bar none. And what ranking is Feagles? 2, 3, 5, 10? No - 19!!! Nine-frickin-Teen. So let's take the #19 punter instead of the #1 punter. And when you consider that the Lions punter Nick Harris is only ranked 23rd, and the Bungholes punter Kyle Larson is only ranked 42nd, Jones' feat (no pun intended) is amazing. It will be nice when the Pro Bowl goes back to being about the playes and not politics. If it ever does.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Damn, Things Suck!

What a waste of a season. First, the Rams stink as bad as last year, which was hard to do. They are actually, record aside, worse than the Lions at this point. At least the Lions are making teams work to beat them. Second, my fantasy sucked so bad this year that I am kicking myself for pulling a Favre and coming out of fantasy retirement during training camp. The only thing that would make this season great for me now would be for Kurt to lead the Cardinals to a Super Bowl victory and get MVP. Not that I care about the Cardinals, just that all of my Warner memorabilia could really use the boost!

Monday, December 1, 2008

NBA comes to NFL

Yep. At least that's the way it appears to me. For the third week in a row, the Rams have made like Sir Charles and provided the rebound for a team that got annihilated the week before they played us. It is obvious why this is - we are the second worst team in football and until we play the Lions will remain as such. Since that won't happen this year, all signs point to the second pick in the draft and hopes of "Better luck next year."

Until the Rams get some help for Bulger, he will continue to get the snot beat out of him, will continue to make bad decisions just so he can escape being tattooed, and will end this season as his worst. Still, he is the best QB we have and although he has played into his nickname of Marc Booger, should remain the starter until his contract is up. Get him some help and he will return to Pro Bowl form. And if he just happens to get hurt, I truly hope that the few fans in attendance will not cheer as the Brownies' fans did yesterday when Anderson went down.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Airways are all over which teams might be interested in Vick once he gets his felon ass released from PRISON and some are saying the Rams. Hear me now and believe me later - if the Rams sign him I don't care what I've said about loyalty and fandom and all that stuff. I will no longer be a Rams fan. Period. Over. Done. Face of our franchise? Give me a break already. More like facial imprint on his cellmate's pillow!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Montana, Young, and...Hill?

Last week I predicted that Shaun Hill would have a monster game, and although it was not as monster-ish as I thought it would be, he did not disappoint. Or maybe yes he did, to us Rams fans anyway. A Whiner QB with a rating of over 142.3 is bad enough, but a perfect first half rating of 158.3 is absolutely atrocious. This had NEVER been done by a Whiner QB, ever, not even Joe. The next closest was in 1997 by Steve Young @ 156.5 against the Saints. The KNBR 680 radio announcer for the Whiners said it best, "A whole season worth of scoring in one half." He has cemented his name into the Whiner's record books at our expense. How great is that? Martz, Bruce, and the 2008 Whiners. Makes me want to puke.

This was a numbing display by the Rams, and if it weren't for fantasy football there would be no reason to even worry about this season anymore. It is no wonder that the NFL Sunday Ticket does not give refunds after the season has started. The Rams' front office should.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

NFL Does it Again

This week the NFL rescinded Randy Moss' $20K fine for verbally abusing the officials after their game two week ago. This is just another favor done to this team that further proves the NFL's unwillingness to punish them. Sure they lost a first round draft pick last year after Belicheat got caught, but they had two first round picks and it wasn't their high pick, which would really have sent the message. And after the Pats went a whole game at home in week 7 against us without one penalty, and the Chargers screaming that the Cheatriots get all the calls at home (and most on the road for that matter), it is my guess that we will see them in the Super Bowl again this year. And that is really just too bad.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Talk about kicking a guy when he's finally gettin back up! The next few weeks are going to be a testament to this team's character, to see if they can live up to the hype thrown upon them after two stunning victories against Dallas and Washington.

It was said that Haslett had inspired this team, and we were all looking for a comeback, a win over the Cards, and a run at the division title. Not only has this been derailed after Sunday's spanking by Warner, but the Rams will now have to contend with possibly starting unknown running back Kenneth Darby for the upcoming game, and possibly games. Darby right now is the team’s only healthy running back and could be the starter Sunday when the Rams play the Jets on the road. Steven Jackson, Antonio Pittman, and Travis Minor are a toss up this point. Coach said that if Jackson can't give a full week's practice then he won't play. In addition, Hall and Bennett have been placed on injured reserve, and Draft has a fractured right foot and is week-to-week, although it's the same thing Bennet had so this is probaby the last we've seen of Draft this year too.

The season started out terrible, turned great in a heartbeat, and is now back down to earth. Let's just hope the character of our guys didn't come back with it.

Sidenote: Is this a stab at Bennett? Coach said that even though Draft's injured ankle is the same thing Bennett has, he would expect to see Draft back in there within two to three weeks, "Because that's the kind of kid he is." WOW! If that isn't throwing it back in Bennett's grill then I don't know what is. It will be interesting to see if he responds to this and exactly how long Draft will actually be out.

Monday, October 27, 2008

NFL Not Color Blind After All

The lame ass rule called the Rooney Rule has for the moment cost Jim Haslett his job next season. Even with Sunday's loss, the Rams have a very good shot at winning the necessary 4 games needed to satisfy the "6 wins and you're in" guarantee for Haslett to get the HC position for next season. For some reason, the fact that Haslett has lit a fire under the team's butt and inspired glorious wins over the two supposed best teams in the NFC holds no weight in this HC job consideration. Or the fact that he has restored a feeling of confidence in the players and acts like he is the HC, garnering the respect of the players. Nope, that doesn't matter either. You know what matters? The fact that he's white. And because of THAT REASON ONLY, he's screwed.

Don't for one minute think that I'm off base here. According to Terry Bradshaw of the O.T. on Fox after the Steelers/Giants was over, 49ers interim HC Mike Singletary will have no problem getting his job made permanent because of the Rooney Rule. So Haslett, who was 2-0 as interim HC when his contract was voided, can't get hired based on his performance because he's white, but an 0-2 Singletary can get hired because he's not white? WHAT? WTF is that? In this age where a black QB can get a respected white man fired from his job for calling him black, it is now alright to say that a great HC candidate can't get hired because he's white? This is the epitome of Reverse Discrimination, and is absolutely atrocious. In an NFL world where the majority of players are black, we now need for the majority of coaches to be black too?

Now don't get me wrong, I AM NOT A RACIST, and I am all for equal opportunity. But for EVERY color. And I am also all for the best man for the job to get the frickin job no matter what his color is. And now that the Rams have been told that the best man for the job can't get the job because of his color, it makes me wonder if there is any job that a white person will ever get based on his qualifications. And the fact that if it was the other way around there would be a huge uproar from the NAACP and the loud-mouthed self-proclaimed reverends Sharpton and Jackson, it makes me wonder where the white voices are now. Is everyone so afraid of speaking out for white equality that this will go unchallenged?

Perhaps the idea of equal opportunity only applies to non-whites. Whatever the case is, this obvious display of racial discrimination against Haslett just further proves that there can never be true equality in the sports world. By being pro-Rooney, the NFL has solidified itself as anti-White. And it's really too bad that the NFL is so biased against the white minority in football. As Donovon McNabb put it so self-servingly, "I thought we were beyond all this." Well, Donovon, we are beyond it - unless you're white.

Monday, October 20, 2008

One More Before the Road

YEAH! What a win baby. Kicked the Cowboys ass and then some. I absolutely loved it each time the camera panned over to show Team Obliterator scratching his dome wondering "What in the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks is going on around here?" Finally a win to get the sports world talking about the Rams instead of the NFC East. WRONG! I hate the media - all day long it was What's wrong with the Cowboys - this, What's wrong with the Cowboys - that, and NOTHING about us. It was all the Cowboys fault for losing, not ours for winning. I am sick of America's love affair with the frickin Cowboys and am stoked that we beat them and left them crying like a fugly 17 year old girl on prom night. When that botched snap went past Johnson, I immediately had visions of the the last time and caught myself uttering an "Oh No! Not again!" But what a difference a fiery coach makes. If this type of play continues from our team, the playoffs are ours for the taking.

So now it's off to New England, who is already favored by 4.5 points before they even play tonite. I can't really understand this point of view, but that's the media. We'll leave them shaking their heads next week too.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Looks like the "Saints" Louis Rams got off to a good start by beating up on the so-called best team in the NFC. Interim coach Haslett is 1/6 of the way closer to losing the interim title, and the Rams are now only 3 wins away from officially having a better season than last year. There is lots to give thanks for after that awesome victory, so here's some of my thanks to the winners:

*Thanks to Marc Bulger for finally stepping up in the pocket and hitting a meaningful deep ball.
*Thanks to Dante Hall for finally fielding a punt instead of staring at it like a ram in the headlights.
*Thanks to Richie "Not So" Incognito for showing some fire and not letting another team treat us like girls. Now he just needs to learn to pick his spots.
*Thanks to our Defense for showing up and getting some well earned turnovers and finally actually scoring on one.
*Thanks to Tony Romo for breaking his pinkie and missing next week's game. I still have nightmares of the unmentionable play; and

The victory did leave me with one question though: Since #5 Texas can jump to #1 by beating then-#1 Oklahoma, shouldn't the Rams now be considered the best team in the NFC since they basically did the same thing? The answer - It doesn't matter. To the true fan, they will always be #1.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

That Was a Close One

Well, for about 3/4 of the game. Unfortunately for Trent Green lovers, he reverted to Brock Berlin form and threw a devestating pick that ended any confidence and momentum the Rams had. Also unfortunately for Mrs. Linecrap, her tears after the last two games meant nothing to the people who matter and her husband can now join her in the mornings crying over what should have been done last year. Oh well. Life's a bitch, and then you die. I'll leave the other part of that equation out.

Fortunately for Rams Nation, all is not lost now that Haslett has taken over and has said he will try to turn this thing around. What the hell else was he gonna say? Jeez. Let's just hope that he turns it around 180 degrees and not 360. For a man who said on Monday that he just found out at 2:00 am yesterday: Hey Haslett - 2:00 AM the day you find out is today, not yesterday. Guess he's so in tune with things around Rams Park that he can't even remember what day it is. But at least he remembers who the REAL starting QB should be. Oh wait - that guy is in Arizona. So Bulger gets his job back now by default and we will rally around Marc Bulger and we will...win?

Monday, September 15, 2008

Another BS Sighting

Actually, there haven't been any Brock "I Couldn't Carry Warner's Jock" Berlin sightings this regular season, and hopefuly there won't be, what with him being the 3rd string QB after barely making the roster. So what, pray tell, would the other BS sighting I refer to be? Could I be referring to the Rams' offensive juggernaut, er, I mean jugger-NOT? Or perhaps the Rams' defensive prowess, er, I mean prow-LESS? What about the lack of seats that had seats in them for the home opener, so empty that a much needed move back to LA should be right around the corner? Or how about the fact that a record number of Rams "fans" are selling out their own team in football pools? Kinda makes you wonder who they're really rooting for on gameday, doesn't it? But alas, with all this stuff to write about, I must step outside the box and for the first time address in this forum one of my reader's well thought out comments. Comments that are, yup, you guessed it, this week's BS sighting.

In case you missed it, I told it like it is a few weeks ago regarding Berlin wearing the number 13. You know, how his crappy career and useless spot on the Rams roster should be more than enough to prevent him from wearing Kurt's number 13. So instead of providing any kind of constructive input, like say, I don't know, an answer to my question of why Berlin chose #13 when his number of choice is the available #7 (see stats in previous blog), this clown decides to attack me personally. So in response to this girl's lack of Midol in a time of need, here it is here:

1) I did NOT say that Kurt Warner is the greatest QB in Ram's history. What I said so clearly and understandably that even Helen Keller would've understood it was that he is the greatest QB in ST LOUIS Rams history. I specifically made it a point to put that in there because I knew that if I didn't some SJD who wishes he was Berlin's love slave would see this as an opportunity to jump all over me for leaving out the pre-STL Rams' greats. So much for that!

2) I did not say that Bulger is my $65 million wonderboy. In words so plain that even Ray Charles would've been able to read them, I specifically wrote of how pissed off I was that Bulger played worse than the Raider's #1 pick, ShaMarcus Russell. And that was it on Bulger. So forget trying to find the answer to why Berlin chose #13 this year for the first time in his delustrous career, how about the answer to how being pissed off that Bulger played worse than DuhMarcus Russell makes him my wonderboy. I know, I know.

3) And finally, since I'd rather spend more time watching "The View" than waste on this, well, waste, I don't live in St. Louis, have never lived in St. Louis, and will never live in St. Louis. Hence the wiseless cracks of "so keep drinking your Busch beer" and then some lame thing about cheetos mean nothing to me. So now in the words of the great Forrest Gump, "That's all I've got ta say 'bout that."

So please, feel free to post any comments you wish, but also please make sure that they make sense. And I thank you for your support.

Monday, September 8, 2008

What's All This Fuss About?

All the negative talk in Rams Nation is really perplexing. Last year we went what, 3-13? So in order to improve on that we only need to go 4-12. It's the same principal stores and car stealerships use when they say they are the cheapest around, or have the best deals. Legally speaking, they only need to beat the competition by $.01 to make that claim. So for the Rams to have an improved season, they only need 4 wins.

To get to 4 wins doesn't require that they win the first game. Or the second, or the third. As long as they average 1 victory per month, that's 4-12. Ok, so it's not much of an improvement and we would all love to get to the Super Bowl. THAT ISN'T GOING TO HAPPEN!

Why not allow yourself to be content with even the littlest bit of improvement? We all learned last year, thanks to the New England Cheatriots, that even an 18-0 season is a failure if you don't win the big one. In the grand scheme of things, whether the Rams go 4-12 or 17-1, it's all failure. So take some Valium and drink it down with Jose. Do whatever it takes to calm down and appreciate that Steven Jackson got his f'n helmet knocked off on an illegal, unflagged helmet-to-helmet hit and then bounced right back up like it was a mosquito bite. Chris Long had two nice tackles and a few pressures on McNabb, and Alex Barron had only one of the frickin 6 false starts. We know the other 5 will work themselves out, so if we only get his one per game that will be fine with me.

0-1 isn't so bad. There are 15 more games and the Hags, Cards, and Whiners all suck way more than we do. Don't give up hope, for 4-12 may just win the division. Now that's two improvements I'd take any day!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

SportsNation Has Spoken

From ESPN.com: In early August, we asked SportsNation to select the greatest player for every NFL franchise. Whether it's the Bears and Packers, with nearly a century's worth of choices, or a newbie such as the Texans, every team has a player who stands above the rest. The final results are in. Not surprisingly, there were some slam-dunk choices (see Dolphins and Browns) and a few that have us scratching our heads here in Bristol. (Matt Stover for the Ravens? Were we hacked?)

The player voted by the fans as the best greatest Rams player ever? MARSHALL, MARSHALL, MARSHALL! That's right. You can read all about the final votes here, but in the meantime, here's my take on Marshall winning this award...

Brilliant! First ballot Hall of Famer, and for all of you who disagree, let me pull a Joe Friday and state "just the facts, man" (actually, his catch phrase was NOT "Just the facts' ma'am," but was "All we want are the facts, ma'am.")

* 2000 league MVP

* Shares the all-time record of at least 10,000 rushing yards and 5,000 receiving yards

* 2nd player to gain more than 1000 yds both rushing and receiving in a season

* NFL record 2,429 total yards (1,381 rushing, 1,048 receiving) from scrimmage in a season

* Set an NFL record with 4 consecutive 2,000+ yards seasons from line of scrimmage

* Tied an NFL record with Emmitt Smith to have 2 consecutive years of 20+ TDs

* Set an NFL record with three 4 TD games in a single season

* Set an NFL record with 2 consecutive years of 4 TD's in 3 or more games

* Set an NFL record with most TD's in a single season @ 26

* Holds the NFL records with SEVEN two-point convertions

* 1st all-time with combined total of 100+ rushing touchdowns and 30+ receiving touchdowns

* 4th all-time in total yards from scrimmage.

* 4th all-time in touchdowns scored.

* 6th all-time in rushing TD’s.

* 9th overall in career rushing yards.

* 16th overall all-time in receptions including Wide Receivers. 2nd overall amongst running backs

I personally voted for BRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCE. I would have voted for Kurt (see SB 34), but since his name wasn't even on the list, well, just believe it was Marshall and wait for the next poll in 5 years. Maybe then the REAL candidate will be on there.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Warner Sighting? More Like a BS Sighting!

Yup. Just like I said last week, the first team offense didn't score. And not only didn't they score, they looked like shit, even helping the other team to score instead, on a pick. So much for team cohesiveness. So much for forgetting last year and putting it all behind them and moving forward and all that crap. I am seriously pissed. I am pissed that Bulger wasn't even as good on Saturday as JaMarcus, LaMarcus, DaMarcus, TaMarcus Russell, whatever his name is. I am pissed that Carriker and Long looked like my gramma. And I'm pissed that they gave up 340 freakin rushing yards to no name RB's...AGAIN!!!!

But most of all, I am pissed that the greatest QB in St Louis Rams history is being insulted and degraded by Brock Berlin. I know the Rams haven't retired #13 yet, but that doesn't mean that they should let just anyone wear it. For a guy who changes numbers more than I change my underwear, why #13? He was #9 at Florida, then #7 at Florida, #7 at Miami Hurricanes, then #8 at the Dolphins, back to #7 at the Hamburg Sea Devils, then #7 back at the Dolphins, then #3 last year for the Rams. And now this year another number, KURT'S NUMBER FOREVER, #13! Nowhere in the previously stated number circus do we see a #13, so why take it now? Is there a #3 on the Rams roster this year? Yes, it's first year player for the Rams, K Josh Brown, who could have taken a different number. But no, Mr. Number Changer wanted to change again. So lets see...what number from the above circus does Berlin covet the most? #7. And is there a #7 on this year's roster? NO!!!!! It was his for the takin. Did he? I repeat - NO!!!!

It is a travesty of the worst kind that #13 is being worn by this chump who was the BACKUP to Rex Grossman at Florida, then after defecting to the Hurricanes the BACKUP to Ken Dorsey, then after Dorsey left he had to fight for his job with the great Derrick Crudup, and once in the NFL - UNDRAFTED - couldn't even keep the job as the QB for the frickin Dolphins. And how did he fare in NFL Europe? In 2006, there were 5 QB's with better ratings than him (with more than 100 pass attempts), and I'm sure you'll recognize them as future HOF'ers:
1. Gibran Hamdan, 113.4 rating
2. Drew Henson, 84.2
3. Craig Ochs, 83.6
4. Lang Campbell, 83.5
5. Kliff Kingsbury, 73.7
6. Brock Berlin, 68.4

So where in his bullshit career does he qualify to wear #13? Nowhere. Give the number back to the Rams and let it stay there. Otherwise, this is one Rams fan who will be pissed off all year long no matter how well it turns out.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Same Ol' Situation

So here it is, the season right around the corner, and whadda ya know - injuries and holdouts making training camp a joke. Will it be another preseason of no offensive td's until the last game? Will Steven Jackson realize that by holding out on a contract the HE agreed to he is mocking his ridicule of the fans who sold their tickets to the highest bidder last year? Will the new offense come to life or will it stall under Scott Linehan's lame duck status?

All these questions will be answered very shortly, and it will be very interesting to see how it all plays out. I for one am sick and tired of the injuries to these athletes who are supposed to be the greatest athletes in the world, and the holdouts by the guys who are already making more money than the GNP of some entire countries. If the guys can't stay healthy then fire the trainer and conditioning coach, and if they can't stay happy with MILLIONS of dollars a year then suspend them for the season.

I have been a Rams fan and overall football fan for 28 years but if this crap doesn't stop I may not make it through my 29th. $400 for NFL Sunday Ticket? Bunch of crap. $500 for tickets to one game for the whole family? Let's see - pay the mortgage or go to the game? Bullshit! It's a travesty that these decisions have to even be made. I sure hope it stops soon, because my life without football will be sooooo boring. But until then...


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

More Long

Some "experts" are still questioning this pick over Dorsey, but my take on Chris Long is that he will have an immediate impact. He's had a hall of fame dad work with him his whole life, and what kid doesn't want to outdo his own father? He has a great motor and is an advanced pass rusher, unlike most kids who come straight out college knowing nothing about how to truly rush the QB.

On the other hand, being from such a highly skilled background is going to put tremendous pressure on him to prove not only to us but to his dad that he belongs in the NFL and was worth the #2 pick. I for one think that he will respond to this pressure in a hugely positive way.

His worth will be tested right off, since he will have plenty of opportunities to not only get to the QB but also to stop the run. My guess is that we will be behind at the end of games for most of the first half of the season and we will be looking uphill at these teams as they steamroll their running game at us. There will be a pressing need for Little to return to his pass rushing form so that Long can concentrate on the rush. And with Carriker there to help out with both, hopefully the results will be much better than last year's debacle.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New Rules - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Good - Clubs will be financially liable for players' violations and suspensions. This is an excellent rule because it now brings some balance to what has become a highly prejudicial campaign by Roger Goddell. He has continually failed to bring any REAL punishment to the non-player personnel, i.e coaches and owners, while throwing the book at the players for even the slightest infractions. Hopefully this will also make it more difficult for those players who even in High School are known as trouble makers to drug-deal their way through school just so they can be rewarded by multi million dollar contracts in the NFL. Come draft day, these losers can be sitting at home smoking crack with their homies while they watch the draft instead of sitting at home smoking crack with their homies after being drafted. And maybe, just maybe, the next time Belicheat gets caught doing something illegal he'll get in REAL trouble. Yeah right! And if frogs could fly, they wouldn't bump their butts when they landed.

The BAD and the Ugly - Damn, it feels even better now NOT to be a Californian. The worst rule in the history of, well, history, goes into effect June 17th in California. And Tango Makes Three? Not when two of 'em are dead! What's that saying, "The world is going to Hell in a hand basket" or something like that? I now know what that means. And I know 10 families that are now moving out of that cesspool. Here's to a much better brand of life in Oregon staying that way!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Howie's Son isn't Our Boy

To start off I must say "Kudos" to Patti for covering for me last time...again. I was extremely sick and failed in my attempt to muster up anything for your reading pleasure. Patti has a whole bunch on her plate and my health doesn't help, so to her goes a big giant "Thanks!"

The draft last month scared the crap out of me because there were so many ways to go and none of the ways were flat out #2 pick material. In my last article I stated that I would be happy with either of the Longs or Matt Ryan, and no one else. By the time the draft rolled around, Jake was gone so for me it was down to Chris or Matt. And let me just say...WHEW! That was a close one. With all the talk of Glenn "No Motor" Dorsey possibly being the pick, I was riveted (well, about as riveted as one can be while feeling like death) to the Tivo for those 10 fateful minutes that seemed like hours until the name that I needed to hear was called out. And then I passed out.

Out of all the reasons for the Rams to make this pick, this one was the most obvious for me - character. Not that Dorsey doesn't have it, but from what I have heard about Chris, character is one thing we won't have to worry about. Now he may prove just the opposite, but the late night stripper parties and the gun toting "rat-a-tat-tat, I never hesitate to put a ****** on his back" entourage bumpin' the afore quoted Snoop or Jay-Z at 3 in the morning just doesn't seem to fit with Chris' upbringing or livelihood. And after he BLEW by Alex "False Start" Barron in minicamp this week, it would appear that his abilities on the field are just as good. Now THAT's hard to find nowadays. You either have the awesome athlete -- in prison, or the great natured hard working guy who couldn't make a tackle if his career depended on it. With Chris we have the best of both scenarios: Not in prison, not on his way to prison, not on his way to hanging out with the guys who used to be in prison or who are on their way to prison, no, he's just on his way to the quarterback, the Ram's record books, the NFL record books, and the HOF.

No, Howie's son isn't our boy, he's our MAN! And to think I was going to cancel my Sunday Ticket this year. Hope he makes the $400 worth it!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Can you feel that draft?

And no, I'm not talking about the remaining wind left over from my last attempt at a post. I am very excited about this year's draft, simply because it would appear that we can't miss on this one. No Jimmy Kennedy out there for us to pick, or for that matter an Alex Baaaaaaron. Only the two best Longs since Chris' dad, and a Ryan who could easily be picked if not for our medical staff having full confidence that Bulger's "head, shoulder, knees, and toes" are all fine and dandy. I myself am not so sure about his ability to play a full season anymore, but perhaps with the addition of a few good men on the O-Line, he won't take such a beating this year. Then again, with only one legit WR to throw to, maybe we'll draft some WR named, uh, Limas, or we could just hand off to Steven Jackson on every play next season. At any rate, the outcome of this thing should be favorable no matter who we pick, and I can't wait to hear all the draft gurus slobbering over us for a change. There is another reason I feel like the choice should be between the two Longs and Ryan, but since it is not a politically correct one, I will leave it alone for now. Let's just say I don't see any legal troubles on their horizon...

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Brain Fart

So it goes when you're stuck in the Pacific Northwest with sick kids and your parents moving away to where you moved from, leaving you all by your lonesome with nothing else to think about but abandonment and "what the hell is going on?!?!" So for my article this week I will presume upon your mercies and forgo what should have been another fine week of writing by yours truly. And no, this isn't a scratch-and-sniff picture.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mo Money, Mo Problems

Aw, the wonders of a college town on spring break! For some reason I feel like the meaning of life will present itself soon...

Anyhoo, with the NFL draft coming up, NBA basketball in full swing, the Big Dance a day away (GO DUCKS!), and MLB Opening Day just a week away, this is a very exciting time for sports fans world over. And as I watched the Bosox nearly boycott a game because of coach compensation issues, I could only sit and wonder what it would be like if they really had no money, you know, like me. The money being floated around in professional sports is appalling, and so is the poverty that has the whole world in it's unrelenting grasp. It is amazing that while the sports icons continue to sign record contracts, normal people are getting booted out of their homes, their jobs, and their health insurance.

Why not stop giving more money to sports and address the financial crisis that is about to throw us into the biggest recession since, well, the recession? And instead of the FED injecting billions of dollars into the stock market, why not shoot it into the veins of the schools, hospitals, and child, senior and disabled services that need it so much more than some rich jerk who might lose his third home in Maui if his investments go south? Why not make the oil companies give back their record profits in the form of deep cuts at the pump, thus allowing the common folk to have more money for other necessities in life? Why not? Because the rich are in charge of everything, and until that changes, they will continue to have more money while the rest of us have more problems.

So much for a FREE country.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Bruce is Loose

Well, I guess the Rams front office doesn't read my blogs after all. Isaac Bruce is now a Whiner, and yes, they will still be referred to as the Whiners even with Ike on their team. This is going to present a difficult decision for me when they play us. I will be rooting for us, of course, but what about when (no, not IF) Bruce catches a toe-touch TD to beat us? Will I be true to my team, or be true to my heart? I suppose that with time it will get easier, as it did with my Whiner friends after the departure of Jerry Rice, but I will never stop watching and being amazed by the player who bears my son's middle name. I hope that the first time we play them he burns us for 200 yds and 3 td's. As long as we win, of course. Which, if the Free Agency shut out continues, will be a struggle. Of course they went out and replaced the retired Wilkins with another clutch kicker, but the real question is..can he tackle?

Here's wishing Isaac Bruce the best and the Whiners the worst.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Just Say No

Just a few weeks ago I addressed the issue of Isaac Bruce possibly being released and I again reiterate that this would be a stupid move. Why release a player who is going to be sucked up almost immediately by another team so he can come into your house and kick your ass in the playoffs? Not only has he said it but has also shown it that he has plenty left in the tank AND his heart to continue playing at the HOF level he has displayed for so many years. Not only that, but we really need his moral compass on this team to counteract all the self-serving debauched mentalities of the new age players. Who knows who we will draft this year (well, except for three more tight ends) but in the event we get a WR or two, who better to team with Torry to school them than Ike? And if cutting him is for cap reasons, how about Bennett and McMichael give some of their money up instead? I say "No way!" to Isaac going away.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Down Goes Brady! Down Goes Brady!

That sack by Alford was frickin' sick. When he blew Brady up I went nuts. I don't think I've ever been so excited over a non-Rams sack in my life. What a game. Tyree's catch was incredible even though the media is making Eli seem like the hero of that play, and how in the world the Choke-riots let Plax go one-on-one with Hobbs is beyond me. Sure they were throwing an all out blitz on that play, but it only works if your team isn't made up of geriatrics ward patients.

I still hate the Giants, but man they were incredible (I refuse to say "awesome" - everyone says that word and I am sick of it). It is amazing what a team can accomplish when they concentrate. I kept expecting to see a flag and hear "False Start, number 70 on the offense" but thankfully for them Alex Barron plays for us. NOT ONE FALSE START ON THE G-MEN!!! At least two on the Cheaters, and what happens? That's right. It's not hard to figure out, Linehan. Cut or trade Barron NOW! Get us some guys on offense who not only wait for the snap before leaving their stance but also protect our QB, and get us some guys on defense who can rush their frickin QB. Period. The rest will take care of itself.

Greatest SB in history? Of course not, but man it was awesome.


Friday, January 18, 2008

Golfweek and the Noose

Today it was announced that the Vice President and Editor of Golfweek Magazine was FIRED for putting a picture of a noose on the cover of this week's release. Now I know this is a football forum, but it is the offseason, golf IS a sport, and this is an issue that affects us all. Here's why.

This country is built on faith, a faith that thrives on imagery. Everywhere you look there is someone or something venerating the cross - people walking around with a cross around their necks, or a cross on a bumper sticker, or worshipping at a place with crosses all over the walls, behind the pulpit, and even on the priest's clothing. This man-made holy symbol of devotion to the LORD, this idol that is so prevalently and proudly displayed by all professed Christians, is something that they actually worship to honor God.

Now before you get upset at me, let me tell you that I am a Christian and this is not and will not be a religious blog or one bashing religious beliefs or freedoms. But what this post will do is use this imagery to expose how screwed up our values are in what has now become one of the most HYPOCRITICAL issues we have ever witnessed. What it does have to do with is a noose. I have no idea how many blacks were actually hung from a tree, or if it is more than the black ages where anyone who spoke out against anything, no matter what color they were, were hung, or if it can come close to the number of people Hitler executed by means way worse than a noose, but what I do know is that all of this combined does not even come close to the worst lynching of all time, and that is the SON OF GOD BEING HUNG ON A CROSS.

Once again, I stress that I am not bashing veneration of the cross here. I am only using it as a comparison to illustrate the sheer stupidity of the uproar over this magazine cover. Why is it that around the world people are united as one displaying pictures of the method used to kill Jesus but when it comes to displaying a picture of what mere mortals died upon it leads to the whole country being divided, a man losing his job, and discussions of what some people are calling "racism and hatred in it's worst form?" How many people in the South do you think are upset about this noose incident? Considering that the South is predominantly black, then it's probably a huge majority. Now how many of these are Baptists, most notably Southern Baptists? Probably most of them. And if you know Southern Baptists, you know they LOVE displaying the cross. It is so typical of people to think they can do and say what they want when it comes to religion, but a white man display a picture of a noose on the cover of a free speech publication? "OMG! Oh no he dinn't!"

How do you think it makes the LORD feel when people are more upset about an image like this than one of what HE was killed on? I once thought of it like this - If your child was killed by a gun, would you walk around with a gun pendant hanging around your neck? Would you have pictures of the NRA on your wall? How pissed off would you be if you saw someone worshipping a gun? But more importantly, how many of you would even dream of having pictures of a noose on your wall? Hopefully none of you.

So really then - it's ONLY a noose! What does the cross represent? The lynching of Jesus. Was the editor of Newsweek fired for putting a cross on the cover? NO! Move on, people, and let it go. Only when we put more emphasis on pleasing our Creator than we do on pleasing humans will we ever be truly united as a community, a country and as a World.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Going, Going.....Gone?

Who would ever suspect that with the firings of coaches and the resignations of others that we would have to worry about where Isaac Bruce will be next year. I cannot believe that the Rams front office is going to put him, and us, through this again. Two years ago it took us all by surprise when he was released as a "salary cap casualty" but thankfully was then re-signed almost immediately. If this happens again I don't know if we will be so lucky this time. What if he doesn't come back? What if he reacts like any other sane person would and gets so pissed off that he flips Shaw the finger and goes somewhere else? Are we prepared for this? I know I'm not. And if this happens, I am pretty sure that he won't be the only one doing it. With fan morale as low as it is, this could be the proverbial camel.

I know that times change and all that, but this would be hard to take. We had to grieve when Kurt was let go, when Marshall's injuries took him away for good, and now if Bruce goes it will officially end the GSOT. Never again will it be matched. I don't care how many points the Vikings put up in 1998 and that we fell 17 points shy of breaking their record, or that the Patriots (cheaters) just shattered it on the way to 16-0. Nothing will ever come close to what our team did in 1999-2000.

So is this it for Bruce? Only time will tell. Hopefully we'll see #80 lining up in Rams colors next season, but if not, let me be the first one to say a farewell................