Monday, September 28, 2009

Turrible, just turrible

In the words of Charles Barkley, that is the way this team plays. When you get your QB blown up, your best WR's leg blown out, and your starting Left Tackle makes mistake after mistake (again), well, that is just turrible. What seemed to be a promising season with new coaches, new players, new attitude, and new plays has turned into the same old sorry ass Rams. Too bad Detroit won yesterday, because now we have the longest current losing streak in the NFL. Hopefully with Boller starting we will be more competitive, and if we go out and get Ronald Curry back things could get better quickly. And bench frickin' Barron. THEN maybe we will win.

Monday, September 21, 2009

No Spinning This One

Couldn't find a pic of yesterday's fumble, but this one says it too.

After week one's embarrasing loss, the Rams' coaches told Donnie Avery that spinning is bad, qoute "Spinning equals fumbles. Don't spin!" Avery acknowledged this request to the media and said that he had learned from his beginning-of-the-game-morale-killing fumble and would heed his coaches' advice for week two. No spinning. Well, what do ya know he threw caution and all football sense to the wind and spun - Fummmmbllllllle! After stupid penalties, dropped passes and these lame ass fumbles - and don't credit them to playing hard - I am really glad that we released Curry. Guy is big, has good hands, and doesn't make rookie mistakes.

Oh wait, Avery isn't a rookie? Well then someone needs to tell him that! We gave up Isaac Bruce for Avery's first year, Torry Holt for his second year, and for what? Guy is turning into the Alex Barron of wide outs. Mistake after mistake. Hopefully Spags will see his way to sitting this guy in favor of Keenan Burton next week or we very well may be reliving this same story again.

Monday, September 14, 2009


Yesterday's game marked the first time that the Rams played a game without any offensive member of the GSOT. The only remaining player from that team is Leonard Little, who right about now probably wishes that he wasn't. It is amazing that while the offensive players are now gone, this team remains committed to be offensive in its play.

Losing to the Seahags is one thing, but being shut out is another. Granted the officiating was atrocious, but there is no excuse for opening up the season with a fumbled kick return. One thing that I don't understand about that particular play was why in the heck Avery was returning kicks anyway. How many WR's do we have that can play this game at a high enough level that we can afford for Avery to get his head knocked off on the season's first play? NONE! Even though we got the ball right back on the endzone pick, that fumble set the tone for the worst game I can remember. The play calling was awful, the penalties were unbelievable, and the special teams were atrocious. John Carlson? John Carlson? Really?

Next week we go into D.C. to play a 'Skins team that also relies heavily on the TE. Look for another ass whoopin if some major adjustments aren't made before then. New coaches, new players, new playbook, same lame result. If we get another effort like the one Sunday, then we can officially name this team the LSOT - Lamest show on turf.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


No Berlin

No Tye Hill

3 Preseason wins

Season starts next week

Bulger back

New Coach

New O-Line

New Wr's

Laurinaitis is a stud

and last but not least...

Crabtree is a stupid idiot
Blount is a punk
No more Venus
Merriman is even more stupid - for dating TT!