Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Martz to Bears - Buyers Bewares!

It's really too bad that Martz is no longer in the division, because his offensive scheme would've meant the 49ers would be bad at least one more year. He is going to get Cutler killed with his pass happy attack behind an O-line that stank it up so bad last year that Jay threw a gazillion picks. I forsee Cutler getting sacked 6 times per game and having his career cut short by concussion or blown knee. I hate it when I hear about Martz being the architect of the GSOT - he was made by Warner and Faulk, not the other way around. The Bears should be a balanced team with Forte and Cutler but it just isn't in Mad Mike's blood. Stupid move by a team that did not need a pass first OC.