Monday, October 29, 2007

It could be worse, and is...

What could be worse than 0-8? Well, let me tell you. My love of football and the Rams runs as deep as all of yours, but I find it more than disturbing, yes, indeed very troubling that as I brought up my home page a few minutes ago I noticed all kinds of news on the Packers win, the new deal by Romo, basketball signings, Halloween stuff, and other miscellaneous crap but nothing anymore about the wildfires in San Diego or the nearly 1,000,000 people displaced by them. These fires are still not over, there have been almost 2,000 homes destroyed, and from what I could find on various search engines, around 5 people dead. All the emphasis on sports just doesn't seem justified right now, and it amazes me that I actually had to search for information on the fires because of all the other non relevant stuff taking its place. 0-8 don't mean squat compared to what these poor people are going through. Sure, we will remember 0-8 twenty years from now, but the families impacted by these fires will not only be remembering them in twenty years but will also still be feeling them, breathing them, tasting them, living them, and re-living them. As of yet, no one I know personally has suffered anything more than the discomfort of being displaced, but for all of those people who lost a lifetime of memories in a second's time I wish them all peace from God and a swift recovery in this time of real need.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Insert Expletive Here

For this week's article, I am back from the DL but still needing a little help from my friends. Please feel free to Ram Lib as you go along:

What the ____ is going on here? 0 and _____ 7? This is the worst start in 70 years and ___ ____, I have just about had it up to here with it. JUST ABOUT! I will not abandon my team like all those other _____ ______ ______ so called fair-weather fans out there. Not the team, the players, the _____ coach either. They're all safe in my book. The 0-7 record is only a by product of the _____ injuries this team has had. Sure, I know, there are plenty of other teams that have been hit by the injury bug, and their coaches are saying "No excuses," but not our team, baby! No way. We have a ton of _____ excuses, and they are all legit. As incredible as it seems, the Rams are still not out of it thanks to the terrible, terrible NFC Worst. Cleveland is totally beatable next week and after that a Bye and then it's undefeated for the rest of this ____ ___ season. No more _____ injuries and no more _____ losses. __ I love this medication!

Now, as for my injury, I was doing some forestry conservation work (no, not work release!) and blew out another _____ disk in my low back. I will attempt to continue my writing but am looking at another _____ back surgery and may be out for a few. Last time I was able to use my laptop and the hospital room's phone for dial-up and may be able to do so again, but that remains to be seen. Whatever the case, I will continue to dig down deep to get to the bottom to stay on top. Now where did I put my helmet?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Out This Week

BeaverRam is on the injured list for week.

Now the injury bug is starting to affect the fans.

Monday, October 8, 2007

So Much For That

Well, I guess my excitement for week 5 was a bit much, eh? Of course, and I hate to say this, when you throw in terrible, terrible officiating you have no chance. "Now What" is becoming so overused for this season that I won't say it again. Well, after this time...Now What?!?!? I don't know if I can take this any longer. Paying $300 to watch the Rams lose in High Definition was not what I bargained for. So it's on to Baltimore and the hapless, totally beatable Ravens. Guess that means another loss. And I'll be watching, in HD. Gotta love them cheerleaders. Yeah!

Monday, October 1, 2007

What now?

I'm flippin pissed off and totally embarrased, and this is the first losing Monday in a long long time that I couldn't bear to wear a Rams jersey. My blood pressure rises every time my phone rings because I know it is one of my hater friends just calling to get me back. So what now? I'll tell ya - GET GEARED UP FOR NEXT WEEK, BABY!!! Week 4 is over so let's move on to week 5 against the Cardinals. It is very possible that we will be facing Kurt for an extended period of time in this game and I can't wait to see him and Fitzgerald try to eat up our secondary. Warner is no Romo in the pocket and their O-Line is almost as bad as ours, so it should be a great contest regardless of who QB's either team. Week 5 is in six days and I'm already ready. Are you?

No Ricky, Please

With Ricky Williams applying for reinstatement, Linehan has went on record as saying he would entertain having him on the team. I know that most of the injuries this year for our team have hog-tied the Coach and we should all cut him some slack, but if he does indeed go get Ricky then I think he should immediately be fired. Signing him would be the worst move for this team right now at a time when O-Line is decimated. Unless Ricky has grown taller, bulked up from the munchies, and learned how to play Left Tackle, he will be of no use. Even if Steven Jackson does not play for the rest of the season (hypothesizing, of course) we have no use for him.
With the morale of the team obviously at an all time low, bringing in an underachieving pothead would be a travesty. Unless his time with Buddha or Muhammed or whoever he is worshipping this year has made him a changed man, we need to stay far far away from him and focus on trading one of our 18 tight ends for a lineman. After witnessing a total cake walk for Romo because his protection was so good, there should be no doubt in the Rams front office of what needs to be done here. We'll see how long it takes for that to happen - hopefully before Frerotte gets killed too.