Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Holt a Bolt?

Or a Whiner? Or a Raider? Or how about a Seahag? Whatever the case, he is gone from our team but will never be gone from our memory.

His hands are some of the greatest I have seen and his heart is unquestionable.

The TD he caught in Super Bowl 34 with his shoulder so bad he couldn't even raise his arm so he used his facemask to secure it - AS A ROOKIE - was incredible. His juggling catch against the Hags was one of the best of that year and played over and over on SC.

His leadership will be sorely missed, as will his work ethic.

I can only hope that his replacement will be half as good.

No Faulk, no Warner, no Bruce, and now no Holt, the final piece of the GSOT gone forever. The best foursome in the history of the NFL left us memories that will last a lifetime. Unfortunately, so will this year's rendition of the WSOT.

PS) Bulger for Cutler IN A HEARTBEAT!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Free Agent Free For All

These free agents living in this free country sure cost an awful lot. Amazing how a bum economy will tighten the wallets of NFL owners when it comes to wooing free agents...NOT! WTF?!?!? I can't afford my NFL Sunday TIcket this coming year but the frickin Redskins can give Albert Step-on-your-mug-sworth $100,000,000, the Raiders can give Nnamdi Awesome-uah the richest DB contract ever, Seattle gives TJ You-know-who $40,000,000, and so on. Our own Rams aren't immune from this spending frenzy, franchising Atogwe, resigning Bartell, and giving Jason Brown how much? $37,000,000! It just kills me to see all this money being thrown at human beings who came into this world the same way you and I did, have the same 24 hours in a day we do, and live in the same broke-ass country we do. Perhaps Barack Saddam Hussein Osama Obama will fix it all, or perhaps I will grab a fork and poke out my eye. Either way, somethings gotta happen.