Monday, November 12, 2012

Its a Dead Horse

And I'm beatin the hell out of it! Last week I discussed the horrible officiating and now once again the regular, "good" officials have stunk up the joint so badly that my hatred of Roger Goddell is quickly waning.

What in the world happened Sunday? There are seven, SEVEN highly paid line judges who straight blew the time clock in the first half and it directly impacted how that half ended, whether giving the 49ers a better chance to try for the TD or giving the Rams a better chance to score before going into the locker room. Then the worst of it all, with 30 seconds left and the Rams going to kill the clock the officials respotted the ball with the clock still running, costing them about 10 seconds that would have been huge to have at the very end.

I know, I know, we shot ourselves in the foot with 13 penalties and Bradford should have thrown the ball away on that last sack which would also have saved us precious time but still, those clock issues, calls and non-calls were brutal. For a group of zebras who just two months ago had the sympathy of an entire nation they sure are crapping on our affections.

I'm almost with Goddell - if this is the way it's gonna be then by all means fire these idiots and go with the much cheaper replacements and make them the standard so we at least expect to be screwed every game. This is a travesty and needs to stop. I'm the farthest thing from a 49ers fans but I'm also a fan of fairness and equality and if this tie comes back to haunt either of us when it comes to a playoff spot or seeding then it will truly be awful.

Next week we play the Jets and I expect us to get the short end once again, for the NFL wants them to win so badly that any chance the refs get to make that happen will not go unfulfilled. We need to play much smarter, continuing to give SJ39 the ball and riding his back instead of allowing the officials to matter. With a full team we should destroy the stupid Jets, moving one step closer to competing for a playoff spot in this horrible unsettled NFC.