Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Horrible Again

Just a horrible horrible horrible display of football on Sunday, one that I didn't think possible after the horrible horrible display of football against the Seahawks the week before. What in the world was Coach thinking in this game? Its not Madden 12!!! The play calling in this game was just pitiful, as was once again the drive and momentum killing penalties that have plagued this team all season. How in the world we beat the Saints still just totally befuddles me, in fact I can't even remember right now how we did it.

I wrote previously that the acquisition of Brandon Lloyd was great sure, but that the guy would still drop a ton of passes and sure enuff the ones he miffed last week were just horrible. And when he does make them he seems to NEVER do it standing up - he kinda reminds me of the baseball outfielder who dives to make the catch when he doesn't need to. I really wish the coaches would remind him that YAC is waaaay more important than style, and that just because a pass doesn't need a spectacular move to make it doesn't mean he should let it fall to the ground. The guy is killing me with his ability to make the diving, stretching, contorting catch but don't you dare hit him in the hands. But I guess that when 60 percent of passes are dropped instead of 80, well, then it's acceptable.

Bench Jason Brown NOW!!! Replace Goldberg NOW!!! Them two are just atrocious. Goldberg got Bradford absolutely redrumed on Sunday, the worst one leading to a fumble after he got blown up within 1.5 seconds of dropping back to pass. There is no way to win like that, no way in heel. I'm tired of seeing our QB get slammed without any chance, I'm tired of seeing yellow on the field for the same stupid mental mistakes play after play. Barron is gone! Let him go please, he is the last person they should be trying to emulate. And now I'm gone, to San Francisco to watch our Rams kick the tarter sauce out of the Whiners. Well, unless someone out there wants to suffer for me...

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

So Much for THAT

Yup, I was wrong again.  I think that from now on I will just say they will probably win or maybe even probably...not after they not only lost Salas for the season but also another winnable game.  I do not believe that our ability to make no-name rookies seem like all-pros will ever lend itself to winning another game, and I do not believe that our starters dropping like flies year after year will ever win us another division even if we stop the aforementioned quality.

This team has been the same for so many years now it is ridiculous, and it just goes to show even more so that Kurt Warner should be a first-ballot HOF'er.  Our team and the Cardinals have both taken a huge downturn after he left them in SB form, and he helped the Giants mold Eli into a SB winning QB.  Bradford is going to be a great QB in this league, but even Dan Marino never won a SB.  The way this team plays to lose is just sickening, and until the boneheads at the top figure out how to put a winning staff together we will always be on the wrong end of what is the greatest game in the world.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Won Down, Nine to Go

And what a WON it was! Geez it sure feels good to say that, and I must admit that I was not sure until about 15 minutes after the game was over that the Saints weren't gonna win. You know how it is with this team, somehow someway they would find a way to lose, usually by shooting themselves in the foot with penalties, dropped passes, turnovers, or horrendous play-calling but on Sunday there was none of that.

First play of the game SJ39 drops a pass right in his numbers and I thought "Here we go again." But then second play of the game SJ made a great play out of the flat, and third play he ran it right up their backs and I'm thinking maybe not again. Next two plays we go deep to Lloyd, which I think is two more times than we deep-ed it all of last year, and even though they were incomplete, they were barely incomplete so now my heart is racing and I was in pacing mode already. I could sense that things were going to be good with Coach being so aggressive so early on.

Then we hold them, the 62-points-last-week Saints vs us, the 57 points ALL YEAR SOSAR to a three-and-out and ultimately a scoreless first quarter and it all became clear to me. We were going to win!

I forgot about the officials though, and when they said that they had conclusive visual evidence that Salas stepped out of bounds on his great YAC attempt it brought me back down to earth. How they could see that is ridiculous. James Butler makes a stupid Personal Foul and Dahl jumps early and then we get a Delay OUT OF A TIMEOUT!!!  Now I'm freaking out, for this is the definition of our season and we were gonna get blown out.

But it didn't happen. Despite Barron, er I mean Saffold and his itchy trigger feet and the officials and another dropped INT by Craig Dahl, Red Zone turnovers, dropped passes by Lloyd, and Drew Brees being on the other team, we still won.  Our Defense played the game of their lives, so hopefully they have some left for the rest of the season.  Chris Long is Chris "Everett" no longer after the way he just destroyed Brees, and I can't wait to see how the Lloyd/Bradford connection takes shape when Sam gets back this week.

The December game against the Niners here in Cali could very possibly be for first place and I got my tickets chillin on ice.  The Niners look like a legitimate threat this year and it is going to be a fun rest of the season as long as the Defense keeps playing like this and if the Offense can catch up to them we will be looking at 10 in a row.