Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Autumn Wind is a Ram

Can you feel it blowing yet? The winds of change about to come? Can you feel it blowing against your face, making your heart race in expectation of what follows? Well I can. With the upcoming draft having so many choices, it could be make or break this year. After getting robbed, or should I say held up, by the Patriots in 2001 this team has went downhill like a soapbox racer with a 100 mile an hour tail wind. The time is now to start climbing back up to the ranks of Super Bowl contender, not regular season pretender. Bradford or Tebow will immediately pay dividends, and that is something I feel we need more than anything. Excellent OT and DT come along way more often than Pro Bowl QB's, so I truly hope Coach takes that wind and sweeps up one of those two QB's. Turn that wind into a thunderous roar when our beloved Rams storm through the division next year.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

At this time there are 4 players in the mix for the #1 pick: Bradford, Suh, McCoy, and Clausen. REALISTICALLY Suh should be the #1 pick, especially with a QB rich draft class this year, and then try for Tebow if he's there for our #2 pick. PROBABLY the Rams will pick Sam Bradford #1 and get him obliterated in the preseason because of our lack of protection. Then we will be stuck with Bulger, who we will rally around and play good football, until he gets blown up too and then we're back to Keith Null.

Perhaps there is more than 1 win on the horizen next year no matter what QB we have, but if not will it really surprise that many people?