Monday, December 28, 2009

And Then There Was One

One more game in this shambles of a season. One more game until my $400 NFL Sunday Ticket becomes a thing of the past, some of the worst money I ever spent. One more game until my world becomes so much easier, so much less stressful, and yet so much more boring. Not sure if I will ever recover from this year -- the up-all-night belching parties after a Sunday filled with fattening foods and mood lightening drinks have taken a toll on my body that may linger for months.

My wife is glad, no, thrilled it is over after next week. She said my attitude sucks during football season, beginning with Sunday afternoons all the way to Thursday nights as a sore pathetic whiny baby and then as the next week begins I shift from that to a stressed out nutjob until Sunday mornings. And while I am watching the games, well, let's just say she has a divorce attorney on standby. Weird how 10 years ago I wasn't like this, she reminds me. That's ok, because I just remind her that 10 years ago I could lift her up.

One more week to go, and then I get to calm down and enjoy life outside of football. Are you ready for some football-less? I sure am!