Monday, November 23, 2009

Decked By the Cards

Unfortunately for the Rams, Pass Interference only applies to teams who have more than one win. The 4th down pass to Avery that could have tied the game (WOULD HAVE!!!) was underthrown but the defender was all over him. At least illegal contact should have been called. But once again the Rams find a way to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory.

There is no gaurantee that they would have won even if Avery catches that ball, but at least it would have given them a shot at it. The cards were laid out in our favor, with Warner ailing, Leinart being Leinart, and SJ39 ramming it down their beaks. We could have won. Period. Of course it is not solely the officials' fault that we lost, what with the atrocious play calling AGAIN. But when you are fighting your ass off and get denied because the officials don't want to reward a one-win team, that is atrocious also.

I said it last week - Almost! Undefeated Saints and now first place Cards were almost beaten by us. Hopefully the new coaching staff takes this year and learns from it so that next year these same mistakes won't happen. Defensive minded HC needs a full year to learn how to run an offense too. They'll need to be much more in tune so that the newly drafted QB can learn the right way to play in the NFL.

Monday, November 16, 2009


What a game, eh? I am very proud of this team for outplaying the best team in the NFC for three quarters.

Last two weeks (games) have been much better, and it appears that Spags has this team right where other teams don't want us.

If Bulger-to-Avery can become more consistent, and if Amen-DOH-la can catch BEFORE the run (but what do we really expect from a Texas Tech guy), and if SJ39 can keep ramming it down their throats like we're a first place team, then we will win next week and the next and the next, win out, and win the NFC West. Booyah!

A little more work and a lot more playmaking and we have this division right where we want them. Almost.