Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fantasy Update

So there I was, walking on the beach when this beautiful woman holding a football...

Oops, sorry - wrong fantasy. And even though it would be more exciting then drafting #1 in August, I won't tell you the rest. What I will tell you is that my first pick will be Steven Jackson(unless he's gone, of course). I am going to really miss having Torry on my bench while he gets absolutely NOTHING from Bulger, but maybe this year will be different now that he has his 20 year old legs back with his new team. Yeah right. From a fantasy standpoint I am glad that he is gone, because my loyalty to Rams players in my draft is my ultimate downfall. Now if I can just keep from drafting Marc, I'll be alright.

According to The ESPN TOP 150, SJ is ranked #5 RB and #5 overall, while Marc is all the way down at #277 overall and #28 in QB behind Brady Quinn and JaMarcus Frickin Russell! Donnie Avery is listed at a respectable #107 overall and #38 WR, but is still ranked behind such HOF'ers as MICHEAL CRABTREE and DERRICK MASON! That's right - an overrated rookie and a retired leftover. Ooh, I know - if Bennett signs with the Ravens I can take him, since he'll probably be rated ahead of Avery too. Makes me want to crumple this big stupid list up and go with my gut. And I would if it wasn't so damn big too!

For fantasy update, this is the Beave signing off and reminding you that man must not live on bread alone, but if you've got bread man - you're not alone.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Last blog I wrote was in regards to Vick possibly moving into Rams Park and that if he did, I was moving out. While this has not happened, I still moved - from Oregon back to Northern California. My life is now back in order and I will be posting for next issue. It's good to be home!