Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Does It Really Matter?

Ah yes, here it is the slow time of year for football fans yet so much is going on in our Rams world. New coach, new staff, "new" GM, new #2 draft pick, and hopefully new attitude. What remains to be seen is if there will be a new #1 WR. With Torry obviously having lost a step and two stud WR's vying for his spot, it is very possible that the Rams will allow Holt to go, possibly to the Whiners to be reunited with Ike, or possibly to wherever Mad Mike ends up (if he does).

These lean economic times make it hard for me to worry about where Holt will be, especially hard since all the money these guys cry about not making (not specifically Holt) is really insulting to all the hard working men and women of this country who have non anymore. As long as our economy is in the toilet, football just doesn't seem to matter. Now that Bush has been forcefully yet thankfully punted and the new N'Obama regime is taxingly underway, we face another 8 years of governmental ineptitude. Hopefully the Rams won't give us 8 more too.