Monday, October 27, 2008

NFL Not Color Blind After All

The lame ass rule called the Rooney Rule has for the moment cost Jim Haslett his job next season. Even with Sunday's loss, the Rams have a very good shot at winning the necessary 4 games needed to satisfy the "6 wins and you're in" guarantee for Haslett to get the HC position for next season. For some reason, the fact that Haslett has lit a fire under the team's butt and inspired glorious wins over the two supposed best teams in the NFC holds no weight in this HC job consideration. Or the fact that he has restored a feeling of confidence in the players and acts like he is the HC, garnering the respect of the players. Nope, that doesn't matter either. You know what matters? The fact that he's white. And because of THAT REASON ONLY, he's screwed.

Don't for one minute think that I'm off base here. According to Terry Bradshaw of the O.T. on Fox after the Steelers/Giants was over, 49ers interim HC Mike Singletary will have no problem getting his job made permanent because of the Rooney Rule. So Haslett, who was 2-0 as interim HC when his contract was voided, can't get hired based on his performance because he's white, but an 0-2 Singletary can get hired because he's not white? WHAT? WTF is that? In this age where a black QB can get a respected white man fired from his job for calling him black, it is now alright to say that a great HC candidate can't get hired because he's white? This is the epitome of Reverse Discrimination, and is absolutely atrocious. In an NFL world where the majority of players are black, we now need for the majority of coaches to be black too?

Now don't get me wrong, I AM NOT A RACIST, and I am all for equal opportunity. But for EVERY color. And I am also all for the best man for the job to get the frickin job no matter what his color is. And now that the Rams have been told that the best man for the job can't get the job because of his color, it makes me wonder if there is any job that a white person will ever get based on his qualifications. And the fact that if it was the other way around there would be a huge uproar from the NAACP and the loud-mouthed self-proclaimed reverends Sharpton and Jackson, it makes me wonder where the white voices are now. Is everyone so afraid of speaking out for white equality that this will go unchallenged?

Perhaps the idea of equal opportunity only applies to non-whites. Whatever the case is, this obvious display of racial discrimination against Haslett just further proves that there can never be true equality in the sports world. By being pro-Rooney, the NFL has solidified itself as anti-White. And it's really too bad that the NFL is so biased against the white minority in football. As Donovon McNabb put it so self-servingly, "I thought we were beyond all this." Well, Donovon, we are beyond it - unless you're white.

Monday, October 20, 2008

One More Before the Road

YEAH! What a win baby. Kicked the Cowboys ass and then some. I absolutely loved it each time the camera panned over to show Team Obliterator scratching his dome wondering "What in the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks is going on around here?" Finally a win to get the sports world talking about the Rams instead of the NFC East. WRONG! I hate the media - all day long it was What's wrong with the Cowboys - this, What's wrong with the Cowboys - that, and NOTHING about us. It was all the Cowboys fault for losing, not ours for winning. I am sick of America's love affair with the frickin Cowboys and am stoked that we beat them and left them crying like a fugly 17 year old girl on prom night. When that botched snap went past Johnson, I immediately had visions of the the last time and caught myself uttering an "Oh No! Not again!" But what a difference a fiery coach makes. If this type of play continues from our team, the playoffs are ours for the taking.

So now it's off to New England, who is already favored by 4.5 points before they even play tonite. I can't really understand this point of view, but that's the media. We'll leave them shaking their heads next week too.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Looks like the "Saints" Louis Rams got off to a good start by beating up on the so-called best team in the NFC. Interim coach Haslett is 1/6 of the way closer to losing the interim title, and the Rams are now only 3 wins away from officially having a better season than last year. There is lots to give thanks for after that awesome victory, so here's some of my thanks to the winners:

*Thanks to Marc Bulger for finally stepping up in the pocket and hitting a meaningful deep ball.
*Thanks to Dante Hall for finally fielding a punt instead of staring at it like a ram in the headlights.
*Thanks to Richie "Not So" Incognito for showing some fire and not letting another team treat us like girls. Now he just needs to learn to pick his spots.
*Thanks to our Defense for showing up and getting some well earned turnovers and finally actually scoring on one.
*Thanks to Tony Romo for breaking his pinkie and missing next week's game. I still have nightmares of the unmentionable play; and

The victory did leave me with one question though: Since #5 Texas can jump to #1 by beating then-#1 Oklahoma, shouldn't the Rams now be considered the best team in the NFC since they basically did the same thing? The answer - It doesn't matter. To the true fan, they will always be #1.