Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Same Ol' Situation

So here it is, the season right around the corner, and whadda ya know - injuries and holdouts making training camp a joke. Will it be another preseason of no offensive td's until the last game? Will Steven Jackson realize that by holding out on a contract the HE agreed to he is mocking his ridicule of the fans who sold their tickets to the highest bidder last year? Will the new offense come to life or will it stall under Scott Linehan's lame duck status?

All these questions will be answered very shortly, and it will be very interesting to see how it all plays out. I for one am sick and tired of the injuries to these athletes who are supposed to be the greatest athletes in the world, and the holdouts by the guys who are already making more money than the GNP of some entire countries. If the guys can't stay healthy then fire the trainer and conditioning coach, and if they can't stay happy with MILLIONS of dollars a year then suspend them for the season.

I have been a Rams fan and overall football fan for 28 years but if this crap doesn't stop I may not make it through my 29th. $400 for NFL Sunday Ticket? Bunch of crap. $500 for tickets to one game for the whole family? Let's see - pay the mortgage or go to the game? Bullshit! It's a travesty that these decisions have to even be made. I sure hope it stops soon, because my life without football will be sooooo boring. But until then...


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

More Long

Some "experts" are still questioning this pick over Dorsey, but my take on Chris Long is that he will have an immediate impact. He's had a hall of fame dad work with him his whole life, and what kid doesn't want to outdo his own father? He has a great motor and is an advanced pass rusher, unlike most kids who come straight out college knowing nothing about how to truly rush the QB.

On the other hand, being from such a highly skilled background is going to put tremendous pressure on him to prove not only to us but to his dad that he belongs in the NFL and was worth the #2 pick. I for one think that he will respond to this pressure in a hugely positive way.

His worth will be tested right off, since he will have plenty of opportunities to not only get to the QB but also to stop the run. My guess is that we will be behind at the end of games for most of the first half of the season and we will be looking uphill at these teams as they steamroll their running game at us. There will be a pressing need for Little to return to his pass rushing form so that Long can concentrate on the rush. And with Carriker there to help out with both, hopefully the results will be much better than last year's debacle.