Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Can you feel that draft?

And no, I'm not talking about the remaining wind left over from my last attempt at a post. I am very excited about this year's draft, simply because it would appear that we can't miss on this one. No Jimmy Kennedy out there for us to pick, or for that matter an Alex Baaaaaaron. Only the two best Longs since Chris' dad, and a Ryan who could easily be picked if not for our medical staff having full confidence that Bulger's "head, shoulder, knees, and toes" are all fine and dandy. I myself am not so sure about his ability to play a full season anymore, but perhaps with the addition of a few good men on the O-Line, he won't take such a beating this year. Then again, with only one legit WR to throw to, maybe we'll draft some WR named, uh, Limas, or we could just hand off to Steven Jackson on every play next season. At any rate, the outcome of this thing should be favorable no matter who we pick, and I can't wait to hear all the draft gurus slobbering over us for a change. There is another reason I feel like the choice should be between the two Longs and Ryan, but since it is not a politically correct one, I will leave it alone for now. Let's just say I don't see any legal troubles on their horizon...

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Brain Fart

So it goes when you're stuck in the Pacific Northwest with sick kids and your parents moving away to where you moved from, leaving you all by your lonesome with nothing else to think about but abandonment and "what the hell is going on?!?!" So for my article this week I will presume upon your mercies and forgo what should have been another fine week of writing by yours truly. And no, this isn't a scratch-and-sniff picture.