Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Just Another Loss

Last week things seemed to be looking up. The team was playing hard and wanted to win. This week, it stayed that way for three quarters. Bulger can't hit the broad side of a barn with a BB gun sometimes, and when we needed him to step up most he failed miserably. Even on the opening play, the flea flicker to Avery, he under threw it just enough that Avery had to wait for it. If he leads him to it then Avery would still be running. Bartell is awful, and Barron needs to be shelved. Just another Rams draft bust for linemen.

I don't think that anyone really expected us to win Sunday, but Indy gave us plenty of chances. Perhaps they were just toying with us, but still - going into the fourth it was at least a ballgame.

Maybe this coming week against the Lions will be different. IF Bulger can remember to throw it to OUR guys then we just may get the W.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Not Bad

Despite the heartbreaking loss, it was nice to see the team playing hard. Except for Bartell, who couldn't cover my Grandma, it appears that all the players know what they are doing and are wanting to win.

Coach's decision to kick the figgie at end of regulation will be debated for days, but ultimately it ensured that we had a CHANCE to win, as opposed to do-or-die. Unexplained why he didn't opt for one more play with one timeout available, but at least with the FG there was no chance of a pick or fumble. If we go for it and lose, then we slay Coach for not taking the 3. He has the team playing to win and that is all we can ask for at this point. Great strides on Sunday IMHO.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rush Slayed By Racists

It is a travesty that Rush Limbaugh has been dumped as a prospective owner of the Rams. Why is it that when a White man with lots of money is discriminated against it is OK, but when that same white man speaks the truth about America he is labeled a racist? McNabb IS overrated, and he IS over pressured to succeed as a black QB. It's unfair, but it is the truth. Many people thought it, but because Rush had the balls to say it he is now once again the victim of the most arrogant racists in this country, hell, the world. And their leader? More than Hitler ever dreamed of being. That person is Al Sharpton.

For a self-professed man of God he sure loves to stick his nose right in the middle of politics. He also loves to talk trash about the White race and speaks his mind about whites worse than Rush ever has about blacks. Why is it that he can be called a hero but Rush is called a villain? This latest episode of reverse discrimination against Limbaugh is only the latest in the string of efforts by the non-reverend Sharpton to shut down White America. This IS America, and money talks, well, unless you're white and breath on a black man. It is too bad that after all the progress we have made in this country for all to be equal that the rich white man, aka "The Man" as labeled by racist black America, is being discriminated against at a higher level than any time in history.

I just want an owner who has enough money to buy the talent we need to win. Even Sharpton would be OK, as long as he didn't go with his racist views and fire all the whites in the organization. I highly doubt that Limbaugh would have only drafted white players, only gave whites jobs, or cut all the blacks and replaced them with whites. I thought football was about winning, not whining. Racism out of convenience has to stop, and stop now. And give Limbaugh the same chance that every hard working AMERICAN should have - to succeed no matter what color they are.